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A lot of well-meaning people will tell anyone who is handy with a computer that they should get into computer science as a career. These people think that any job dealing with computers is a computer science job. Computer science is about the study of how information is stored, analyzed, and used to solve problems. Some of it is practical, some of it is theoretical, and a lot of seems like magic at first. You can rent computer science textbooks in a number of fields such as computation theory, information science, artificial intelligence, and a number of other subjects that always threaten to destroy humanity in science fiction movies. Textbook rental is a convenient, affordable option to buying text books, especially in technical fields where today's groundbreaking doodad is obsolete in a year. When you rent textbooks, you keep them for the duration of the class and then return them, instead of hoping that your bookstore will buy them back. Whether you're planning to focus on computer security, computer graphics, or evil computers bent on world domination, computer science textbooks will bring you the knowledge you need to succeed.

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Basic: An Introduction to Computer Programming With the Apple (Brooks/Cole Series in Program... by Bent, Robert J., Sethares, ... ISBN: 9780534140588 List Price: $43.95
Optimal Control from Theory to Computer Programs by Arnautu, Viorel, Neittaanmä... ISBN: 9781402017711 List Price: $149.00
Manual of Pharmacologic Calculations With Computer Programs by Tallarida, Ronald J., Murra... ISBN: 9780387963570 List Price: $70.95
Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture by Hughes, John ISBN: 9783540543961 List Price: $102.00
Computer Numerical Control Programming by Amic, Peter J. ISBN: 9780133261585 List Price: $115.20
Computer Numerical Control Operation and Programming by Curran, Kelly, Stenerson, Jon ISBN: 9780130119803 List Price: $103.00
Complete Idiot's Guide to a Career in Computer Programming by Liberty, Jesse ISBN: 9780789719959 List Price: $16.99
Essentials of Logic Programming (Graduate Texts in Computer Science) by Hogger, Christopher J. ISBN: 9780198538202 List Price: $35.00
Introduction to Computers and Basic Programming by Brenan, Kathleen M., Mandel... ISBN: 9780314436351 List Price: $15.95
Meet the Kinect : Programming and Scripting Human-Computer Interaction by Keane, Sean, Hall, Jonathan ISBN: 9781430238881 List Price: $29.99
Fifty-Five More Color Computer Programs for the Home, School and Office by Clark, Ron ISBN: 9780866680080 List Price: $9.95
Programming the IBM Personal Computer, Pascal by Unknown ISBN: 9780030619823 List Price: $26.95
Technique for Computing the Amount of New Aid Required for State Equalization Programs by Lawler, Eugene S. ISBN: 9780404555474 List Price: $37.50
How Computer Programming Works by Appleman, Daniel, Ishida, S. ISBN: 9781893115231 List Price: $29.95
Implementation of Term Rewriting-Based Programming Languages Advances in Computation Theory ... by Nedjah, Nadia, de Macedo Mo... ISBN: 9781590336458 List Price: $89.00
Z80 Assembly Language Programming: For the Radio Shack, Adam, Timex Sinclair, and CP M Compu... by Lampton, Christopher ISBN: 9780531049242 List Price: $10.90
Seismological Algorithms: Computational Methods and Computer Programs by Doornbos, Durk J. ISBN: 9780122207709 List Price: $138.00
Programming in Martin-Lf's Type Theory: An Introduction (International Series of Monographs ... by Nordstrom, Bengt, Petersson... ISBN: 9780198538141 List Price: $55.00
FM 2009: Formal Methods: Second World Congress, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, November 2-6, 20... by Cavalcanti, Ana, Dams, Dennis ISBN: 9783642050886 List Price: $143.00
Basic Programming for the IBM Personal Computer (Shelly Cashman series) by Shelly, Gary B. ISBN: 9780538910194 List Price: $33.95
How Computer Programming Works by Appleman, Daniel ISBN: 9781562761950 List Price: $24.95
Eighth International Workshop on High-Level Programming Models and Supportive Environments 2... by IEEE Computer Society Staff ISBN: 9780769518800 List Price: $142.00
Computer Literacy Awareness, Applications, and Programming by Unknown ISBN: 9780201202748 List Price: $33.20
University Programs in Computer Aided Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing Proceedings of ... by Chong, Ken P., Dewey, Bruce... ISBN: 9780872627093 List Price: $8.00
You Can Do It! A Beginner's Introduction to Computer Programming by Glassborow, Francis ISBN: 9780470863985 List Price: $40.00
Introduction to Computer Science: Programming and Problem Solving with Pascal - Neill Graham... by Graham, Neill, Marshall, Ca... ISBN: 9780314599940 List Price: $53.25
Computer Programming Languages Made Simple by Ford, Neville J. ISBN: 9780131730717 List Price: $27.50
Schaum's Outline of Computers & Programming by Scheid, Francis ISBN: 9780070551961 List Price: $12.95
APL Programming and Computer Techniques by Katzan, Harry ISBN: 9780442242510 List Price: $14.95
Stochastic Linear Programming : Models, Theory, and Computation by Kall, Peter, Mayer, János ISBN: 9781441977281 List Price: $109.00
Associative Computing : A Programming Paradigm for Massively Parallel Computers by Potter, Jerry L. ISBN: 9781461364528 List Price: $99.00
Computer Aided Drafting: Programming & Plotting Using the Tektronix 4051 by Crist, Donald G., Bickersta... ISBN: 9780870066269 List Price: $13.20
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