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A lot of well-meaning people will tell anyone who is handy with a computer that they should get into computer science as a career. These people think that any job dealing with computers is a computer science job. Computer science is about the study of how information is stored, analyzed, and used to solve problems. Some of it is practical, some of it is theoretical, and a lot of seems like magic at first. You can rent computer science textbooks in a number of fields such as computation theory, information science, artificial intelligence, and a number of other subjects that always threaten to destroy humanity in science fiction movies. Textbook rental is a convenient, affordable option to buying text books, especially in technical fields where today's groundbreaking doodad is obsolete in a year. When you rent textbooks, you keep them for the duration of the class and then return them, instead of hoping that your bookstore will buy them back. Whether you're planning to focus on computer security, computer graphics, or evil computers bent on world domination, computer science textbooks will bring you the knowledge you need to succeed.

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Computer Science A Structured Programming Approach Using C++ by Forouzan, Behrouz A., Gilbe... ISBN: 9780534374808 List Price: $92.95
Computer Science A Structured Programming Approach Using C by Forouzan, Behrouz A., Gilbe... ISBN: 9780534374822 List Price: $82.95
Java An Introduction to Computer Science and Programming by Savitch, Walter J. ISBN: 9780131013780 List Price: $92.00
Programming in PASCAL by Peter Grogono, Peter Gregono ISBN: 9780201120707 List Price: $35.00
Computer Science and Perl Programming Best of the Perl Journal by Orwant, Jon, Orwant, Jon, O... ISBN: 9780596003104 List Price: $39.95
Assembler Language Programming for IBM and IBM-Compatible Computers by Stern, Nancy B., Stern, Rob... ISBN: 9780471886570 List Price: $134.95
Psychology of Computer Programming by Weinberg, Gerald M. ISBN: 9780442292645 List Price: $24.95
Scalable Parallel Computing Technology, Architecture, Programming by Hwang, Kai, Xu, Zhiwei ISBN: 9780070317987 List Price: $136.25
Practical Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python by Campbell, Jennifer, Gries, ... ISBN: 9781934356272 List Price: $32.95
The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 0 by Knuth, Donald E. ISBN: 9780321534965 List Price: $19.99
Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby by Frieder, Ophir, Frieder, Gi... ISBN: 9781449355975
Computer Architecture and Vax Assembly Language Programming by James Brink, Richard Spillman ISBN: 9780805389203 List Price: $46.35
Assembly Language Programming for the Atari Computers (Byte Book) by Chasin, Mark ISBN: 9780070106796 List Price: $15.95
Java Network Programming A Complete Guide to Networking, Streams, and Distributed Computing by Hughes, Merlin, Hughes, Con... ISBN: 9781884777493 List Price: $44.95
The Python Programming Language by Bradley N. Miller, David L.... ISBN: 9780763743161 List Price: $31.95
Cliffsnotes Writing Your First Computer Program - Allen L. Wyatt - Paperback - UPDATED by Cliffs Notes Staff, Wyatt, ... ISBN: 9780764585234 List Price: $8.99
Architecting Dependable Systems VI (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Programming and Soft... by Lemos, Rogério de, Fabre, ... ISBN: 9783642102479 List Price: $83.00
Service-Oriented Computing: ICSOC 2010 International Workshops PAASC, WESOA, SEE, and SC-LOG... by Maximilien, E. Michael, Ros... ISBN: 9783642193934 List Price: $72.00
Algorithmic Language and Program Development Texts and Monographs in Computer Science by Bauer, F. L., Woessner, H. ISBN: 9780387111483 List Price: $77.95
On Concurrent Programming (Texts in Computer Science) by Fred B. Schneider ISBN: 9781461273035 List Price: $89.95
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer S... by Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay ... ISBN: 9780262010771 List Price: $60.00
NextStep Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective-C Language: Release 3 - Next Computer... by Next Computer Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780201632514 List Price: $24.95
Introduction to Computer Game Programming With Directx 8.0 by Parberry, Ian ISBN: 9781556228100 List Price: $32.95
Introduction to Trs-80 Level II Basic and Computer Programming by Zabinski, Michael P. ISBN: 9780134999623 List Price: $13.50
C++ for You++: An Introduction to Programming and Computer Science by Maria Litvin, Gary Litvin ISBN: 9780965485395 List Price: $47.50
Finite Element Programming (Computational mathematics and applications) by Hinton, E., Owen, D. R. ISBN: 9780123493507 List Price: $48.50
Peterson's Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Programs by Peterson's Guides Staff ISBN: 9781560796633 List Price: $24.95
You Can Do It! A Beginner's Introduction to Computer Programming by Unknown ISBN: 9780470863992 List Price: $30.00
Computer Programming in the Basic Language by Golden, Neal ISBN: 9780153590955 List Price: $52.25
Computer Programming in BASIC by Unknown ISBN: 9780174383581
Computing Fundamentals & C Programming by Unknown ISBN: 9780070669093
Introduction to Computer Programming With Visual Basic 6 A Problem-Solving Approach by Harriger, Alka R., Gotwals,... ISBN: 9780130165336 List Price: $86.60
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