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Want to nerd out with a Bunsen Burner? Or see what nastiness you can grow in a Petri dish? Then you'll have a blast (hopefully not an atomic one) with a college Chemistry textbook rental. The study of chemical substances and their subatomic particles (our faithful friends the proton, electron and neutron), has been a human fascination long before Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his shell-shocked assistant, Beaker, began conducting breakthrough experiments in The Muppet Show Labs. From Organic Chemistry to Quantum Mechanics to Biochemistry, the field is vast, colorful and, at times, explosive. And what better way to score some points in pub trivia than to know a few key symbols in The Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements? Rent Chemistry textbooks and join sorcerers, mad scientists, and observers of Mole Day everywhere in answering the burning question: "What's the matter?"

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Experiments for Introduction to Organic Chemistry A Miniscale Approach by Bettelheim, Frederick A., L... ISBN: 9780030192388 List Price: $108.95
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Organic Chemistry by Guch, Ian, Wayman, Kjirsten ISBN: 9781592577538 List Price: $18.95
Chemistry (from General, Organic, and Biochemistry) by Denniston, Katherine, Toppi... ISBN: 9780077397647
March's Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions, Mechanisms, And Structure by Smith, Michael B., March, J... ISBN: 9780471720911 List Price: $120.00
Organic Chemistry by Clayden, Jonathan, Greeves,... ISBN: 9780198503460 List Price: $130.00
Modern Physical Organic Chemistry by Anslyn, Eric, Anslyn, Eric ... ISBN: 9781891389313 List Price: $142.50
Organic Chemistry, Hybrid Edition (with OWL eBook Printed Access Card) by Brown, William, Anslyn, Eri... ISBN: 9781111987763 List Price: $154.95
Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry by Clayden, Jonathan, Warren, ... ISBN: 9780199663347 List Price: $47.95
Organic and Biological Chemistry by Stoker, H. Stephen ISBN: 9780547168043 List Price: $167.95
Organic Chemistry I Workbook for Dummies by Winter, Arthur ISBN: 9780470251515 List Price: $19.99
General, Organic, And Biological Chemistry A Guided Inquiry by Garoutte, Michael P. ISBN: 9780471763598 List Price: $61.95
Organic Chemistry by Carey, Francis A. ISBN: 9780073047881 List Price: $117.28
Writing Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry by Miller, Audrey, Solomon, Ph... ISBN: 9780124967120 List Price: $81.95
General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by Stoker, Stoker, H. Stephen ISBN: 9780547168081
Experiments in General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by Ouellette, Robert J., Manch... ISBN: 9780132867580 List Price: $72.40
Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Student Solutions Manual by Brown, William H., Poon, Th... ISBN: 9780470554944 List Price: $79.95
General, Organic, And Biological Chemistry by Stoker, H. Stephen ISBN: 9780618606061 List Price: $237.95
Organic Chemistry With Solutions Manual by Vollhardt, K. Peter C., Sch... ISBN: 9780716761723 List Price: $46.12
MCAT Organic Chemistry Review (Graduate School Test Preparation) by Princeton Review Staff ISBN: 9780375427930 List Price: $45.00
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