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Want to nerd out with a Bunsen Burner? Or see what nastiness you can grow in a Petri dish? Then you'll have a blast (hopefully not an atomic one) with a college Chemistry textbook rental. The study of chemical substances and their subatomic particles (our faithful friends the proton, electron and neutron), has been a human fascination long before Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his shell-shocked assistant, Beaker, began conducting breakthrough experiments in The Muppet Show Labs. From Organic Chemistry to Quantum Mechanics to Biochemistry, the field is vast, colorful and, at times, explosive. And what better way to score some points in pub trivia than to know a few key symbols in The Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements? Rent Chemistry textbooks and join sorcerers, mad scientists, and observers of Mole Day everywhere in answering the burning question: "What's the matter?"

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Catalysis in Organic Chemistry by Sabatier, Paul ISBN: 9781406780628 List Price: $31.95
Chemistry of the Organic Dye-Stuffs by Nietzki, R. ISBN: 9781406781373 List Price: $30.45
Industrial and Manufacturing Chemistry : Organic ... by Martin, Geoffrey ISBN: 9781174113598 List Price: $57.75
Handbook of Modern Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic : For the Use of Students by Tidy, Charles Meymott ISBN: 9781174042607 List Price: $60.75
Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic : With Experiments by Bloxam, Charles Loudon, Tho... ISBN: 9781174493454 List Price: $59.75
Organic Chemistry or Chemistry of the Carbon Compounds V2 : Chemistry of the Carbocyclic Com... by Richter, Victor von, D'albe... ISBN: 9781169144279 List Price: $54.36
Class-Book of Organic Chemistry by Cohen, Julius Berend ISBN: 9781176300347 List Price: $32.75
Introduction to the Study of the Compounds of Carbon, or, Organic Chemistry by Remsen, Ira ISBN: 9781176721548 List Price: $33.75
Modern Research in Organic Chemistry by Pope, Francis George ISBN: 9781176851139 List Price: $32.75
Organic Analysis : A manual of the descriptive and analytical chemistry of certain carbon co... by Prescott, A. B. 1832-1905 ISBN: 9781178309294 List Price: $44.75
Organic Chemistry by Perkin, William Henry, Kipp... ISBN: 9781178309355 List Price: $46.75
Text-Book of Organic Chemistry by Holleman, A. F. B. 1859, Wa... ISBN: 9781178309768 List Price: $46.75
Text-Book of Organic Chemistry by Bernthsen, August I. E. Hei... ISBN: 9781178314304 List Price: $45.75
Student's Practical Chemistry : A text-book on chemical physics and inorganic and organic Ch... by Morton, Henry, Leeds, Alber... ISBN: 9781178396119 List Price: $30.75
Organic Chemistry Reference Card by Book, Gregory ISBN: 9781411615960 List Price: $7.78
WFohler's Outlines of organic Chemistry by WFohler, Friedrich ISBN: 9781418126728 List Price: $39.95
Animal Chemistry or Organic Chemistry in Its Application to Physiology and Pathology by Liebig, Justus, Gregory, Wi... ISBN: 9781163113622 List Price: $27.96
Carbon Compounds : A Textbook of Organic Chemistry by Porter, C. W. ISBN: 9781163815847 List Price: $32.76
Organic Chemistry by Louis F. Fieser, Mary Fieser ISBN: 9780278916555
Quantum Chemistry of Organic Compounds: Mechanisms of Reactions by Vladimir I. Minkin, Boris Y... ISBN: 9783540525301 List Price: $131.00
Small Ring Compounds in Organic Synthesis III (Topics in Current Chemistry) by Unknown ISBN: 9783540183686 List Price: $142.00
Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry (Volume 6) by Unknown ISBN: 9780470833520 List Price: $26.25
Beilstein: Handbook of Organic Chemistry by Beilstein-Institut Fuer Lit... ISBN: 9783540538929 List Price: $2,057.00
Beilstein: Handbook of Organic Chemistry by Beilstein-Institut Fur Lite... ISBN: 9783540525295 List Price: $2,398.00
Beilstein: Handbook of Organic Chemistry by Beilstein-Institut Fur Lite... ISBN: 9783540519768 List Price: $1,969.00
Beilstein: Handbook of Organic Chemistry by Beilstein-Institut Fur Lite... ISBN: 9783540555766 List Price: $1,826.00
Beilstein: Handbook of Organic Chemistry by Beilstein-Institut Fur Lite... ISBN: 9783540555759 List Price: $2,112.00
Beilstein: Handbook of Organic Chemistry : Index for the Basic Series and Supplementary Seri... by Beilstein-Institut Fuer Lit... ISBN: 9783540554141 List Price: $798.00
Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry by Unknown ISBN: 9783540155911 List Price: $2,019.00
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