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The world of business is a lot harder than it looks on TV. There's more to it than barking into a cellphone while standing in line at the coffee shop. Before the corner office, the stock options, or the three-martini lunch, you have to learn how business works. If you rent business textbooks instead of buying them, it's the first of a series of smart business decisions you'll be making. Whether you are learning about business administration, finance, or marketing, textbook rental helps you to avoid paying high markups for text books you might not be able to return at the end of the semester. Business textbooks can help you master brand extension strategy, cash flow, economies of scale, and all of those other things they talk about on the financial cable channels. And when you rent textbooks instead of buying them, you have more money to spend on your double hazelnut latte.

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International Finance Discussion Papers : Emerging Market Business Cycles with Remittance Fl... by United States Federal Reser... ISBN: 9781288726042 List Price: $15.75
International Finance Discussion Papers : A Solution to the Default Risk-Business Cycle Disc... by United States Federal Reser... ISBN: 9781288727308 List Price: $15.75
International Finance Discussion Papers : Emerging Market Business Cycles Revisited by United States Federal Reser... ISBN: 9781288727254 List Price: $15.75
International Finance Discussion Papers : Permanent and Transitory Components of Business Cy... by United States Federal Reser... ISBN: 9781288731268 List Price: $15.75
International Finance Discussion Papers : The Equivalence of Wage and Price Staggering in Mo... by United States Federal Reser... ISBN: 9781288732739 List Price: $15.75
International Finance Discussion Papers : The Business Cycles of Currency Speculation by United States Federal Reser... ISBN: 9781288733682 List Price: $15.75
International Finance Discussion Papers : Money, Politics, and the Post-War Business Cycle by United States Federal Reser... ISBN: 9781288734146 List Price: $15.75
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Contracts : International Business MacHine by U.S. Department Of Homeland... ISBN: 9781288906031 List Price: $17.75
Intercultural Business Communication: International Edition by Jeanette Martin ISBN: 9780133382914
International Business by Harold Bierman, Julian E. G... ISBN: 9781111824259
Little Bugs 1: Busy Book (Bugs International) by Carol Read, Ana Soberon ISBN: 9781405061506
Logistics Management for International Business: Text and Cases by S. Sudalaimuthu, S. Anthony... ISBN: 9788120337923
International Business: Theory and Practice (2nd Edition) by Karel Cool, G. Jason Goddar... ISBN: 9788120332218
International Business Law by Monica Loss ISBN: 9788182203976
Get Ready for International Business Audio CDs [BEC] Level 1 by Andrew Vaughan, Dorothy E. ... ISBN: 9780230447882
British Manufacturing Investment Overseas (RLE International Business) by Shepherd, David, Silberston... ISBN: 9780415657761
International Business Handbook (RLE International Business) by Kirpalani, V. H. ISBN: 9780415657631
International Business Wales by Mainyu, Eldon A. ISBN: 9786139847686
International Business, Not as Usual by Dumont, Michael, Rayp, Glenn ISBN: 9789044128314
Moscow International Business Center by Russell, Jesse, Cohn, Ronald ISBN: 9785510812602 List Price: $19.95
University of International Business and Economics by Russell, Jesse, Cohn, Ronald ISBN: 9785512410813 List Price: $19.95
Wallace V International Business MacHines Corp et Al by Surhone, Lambert M., Surhon... ISBN: 9786131473074 List Price: $57.00
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & ECONOMICS by Stephan, Paul B., Brown, Pe... ISBN: 9781558343788 List Price: $58.00
International Business in the Age of Anxiety by Unknown ISBN: 9780903808026
E-business Performance Measurement: Internal Processes Explored by C.Matthew Hinton, David Bar... ISBN: 9781859715741
International Negotiating : A Primer for American Business Professionals by Kublin, Michael ISBN: 9781560248552 List Price: $14.95
Guide to the Global Business Environment: The Economics of International Commerce by William Kerr, Nicholas Perd... ISBN: 9781783476671 List Price: $145.00
International Perspectives on Business Innovation and Disruption in the Creative Industries:... by Robert DeFillippi, Patrik W... ISBN: 9781783475339 List Price: $125.00
Language in International Business : The Multilingual Reality of Global Business Expansion by Piekkari, R., Welch, D. E.,... ISBN: 9781848449893 List Price: $110.00
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