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The world of business is a lot harder than it looks on TV. There's more to it than barking into a cellphone while standing in line at the coffee shop. Before the corner office, the stock options, or the three-martini lunch, you have to learn how business works. If you rent business textbooks instead of buying them, it's the first of a series of smart business decisions you'll be making. Whether you are learning about business administration, finance, or marketing, textbook rental helps you to avoid paying high markups for text books you might not be able to return at the end of the semester. Business textbooks can help you master brand extension strategy, cash flow, economies of scale, and all of those other things they talk about on the financial cable channels. And when you rent textbooks instead of buying them, you have more money to spend on your double hazelnut latte.

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International Business Video DVD Vol 4 T by Unknown ISBN: 9780073272924
Technology Crossing Borders: The Choice, Transfer and Management of International Technology... by Harvard Business School Staff ISBN: 9780071032698 List Price: $29.50
International Business by Unknown ISBN: 9780070412699 List Price: $27.00
Czinkota International Business 2e IE by Unknown ISBN: 9780030789434
International Business CTB MAC by Unknown ISBN: 9780030162091
International Business Online Course (WCT) by Unknown ISBN: 9780273655664
International Business Law: Instructor's Manual by Unknown ISBN: 9780314066343
International Business Law by DiMatteo, Larry, Dhooge, Lu... ISBN: 9780324655742 List Price: $143.95
Aligning Marketing with Business Objectives: Leading CMOs on Developing Goals, Communicating... by Aspatore Books Staff ISBN: 9780314986825 List Price: $65.00
International Business in the Age of Anxiety by Unknown ISBN: 9780903808026
E-business Performance Measurement: Internal Processes Explored by C.Matthew Hinton, David Bar... ISBN: 9781859715741
Tax Guide for Small Business (for Individuals Who Use Schedule C or C-EZ) 2011 by Internal Revenue Service (U... ISBN: 9780160897566 List Price: $11.00
Quality and Relevance of International Business Management Education in the United States : ... by Robinson, Richard D. ISBN: 9781245192873 List Price: $17.75
Business Taxpayer Information Publications by Service, United States Inte... ISBN: 9781236272553 List Price: $50.95
Penmanship, vertical penmanship; elements of English grammar, elements of English compositio... by International Schools ISBN: 9781236562050 List Price: $21.61
Unfinished Business : The Western Balkans and the International Community by Dzihic, Vedran, Hamilton, D... ISBN: 9780984134199
10 Commandments of International Business : And Other Rules to Observe Religiously by Newman, Perry ISBN: 9780984994908 List Price: $12.95
City of Influence : A Business Tale by Stewart, Jared, Stewart, Sa... ISBN: 9780985804039 List Price: $24.99
International Business Transactions : Documents by Einhorn, Talia, Emmert, Frank ISBN: 9780985815608 List Price: $79.00
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