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The world of business is a lot harder than it looks on TV. There's more to it than barking into a cellphone while standing in line at the coffee shop. Before the corner office, the stock options, or the three-martini lunch, you have to learn how business works. If you rent business textbooks instead of buying them, it's the first of a series of smart business decisions you'll be making. Whether you are learning about business administration, finance, or marketing, textbook rental helps you to avoid paying high markups for text books you might not be able to return at the end of the semester. Business textbooks can help you master brand extension strategy, cash flow, economies of scale, and all of those other things they talk about on the financial cable channels. And when you rent textbooks instead of buying them, you have more money to spend on your double hazelnut latte.

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Regulations No. 53 Relating to the Tax on Soft Drinks, Ice Cream and Simular Artical Sold at... by United States. Office Of In... ISBN: 9781275225565 List Price: $14.75
IB Business and Management (SL and HL) Examination Flashcard Study System : IB Test Practice... by IB Exam Secrets Test Prep S... ISBN: 9781627337458 List Price: $62.99
II International Conference on Business and Management : Proceedings by Krishnamurthy, Ravichandran ISBN: 9780989515016
International Phrase-Book: Conversations, Correspondence, Business Terms, Metric System... by Paul Desdemaines Hugon ISBN: 9781273223150 List Price: $17.75
Us Securities and Exchange Commission Handbook by USA International Business ... ISBN: 9780739762295 List Price: $99.95
The international business of Canadian banks by Pancras J Nagy ISBN: 9782920296114
Lockheed Case - International Business or Bribery? by Sch�tz, Klaus ISBN: 9783656252047 List Price: $14.90
International Business : New Opportunities to Brazilian Companies in a Competitive World by Bueno, Nidi, Bueno, Nidi, A... ISBN: 9780989968300 List Price: $25.00
Get Ready for International Business Student's Book with TOEIC Level 2 by Andrew Vaughan, Dorothy E. ... ISBN: 9780230447912
Get Ready for International Business Student's Book with BEC Level 2 by Andrew Vaughan, Dorothy E. ... ISBN: 9780230447905
International Trade : U. S. Business Access to Certain Foreign State-Of-the-Art Technology by U. S. Government Accountabi... ISBN: 9781289232863 List Price: $17.75
International Trade : Experts' Advice for Small Businesses Seeking Foreign Patents by U. S. Government Accountabi... ISBN: 9781289160753 List Price: $17.75
International Trade : Small- and Medium-Sized U. S. Business Export Statistics by U. S. Government Accountabi... ISBN: 9781289242008 List Price: $14.75
Business Women's Network 2001 International Directory by Business Women's Network, W... ISBN: 9780965643061 List Price: $79.95
Bridging the Culture Gap: A Practical Guide to International Business Communication by Penny Carte, Chris Fox ISBN: 9780749455224 List Price: $24.75
International Business: Theory and Practice by Dkara Khambata, Riad A. Ajami ISBN: 9780029464625
International Business: Firm and Environment by Alan M. Rugman, etc. ISBN: 9780070665644
Im International Business by Unknown ISBN: 9780063666795
International Business by W.F. Charles Hill ISBN: 9780071153393
International Business Global Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9780077140656
Premium Content Card for International Business by W. L. Hill Charles ISBN: 9780077430856
International Business Plus New Myiblab by Unknown ISBN: 9780133130775
International Turnaround Management (Macmillan Business) by Bo Arpi, Per Wejke ISBN: 9780333794258
International Business by Dr. R. Chandran ISBN: 9788179925119
Papua New Guinea (National & International Maps) by Universal Business Director... ISBN: 9780731906734
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