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Bacteria and mammals and reptiles, oh my! Biology is the study of living organisms - or the study of critters, if you prefer. Most college students end up taking some sort of basic biology class as part of their general education requirements, especially science majors. With such a broad topic, though, most people who want to get serious about biology specialize in one field of the science. Maybe you're into molecular biology, studying the building blocks of matter and how they come together to make organisms as beautiful as a bald eagle or as annoying as those weeds in the backyard that just won't die. Or perhaps you're more interested in genetics, the study of why most redheads weren't born that way. Then again, maybe ecology, the study of how living things interact with one other, is more up your alley. Or maybe you're interested in a group of similar creatures, like mammalogy, herpetology, entomology, or ornithology. No matter what kind of -ology you're into, you are sure to find the biology textbooks you need for the classes that will make you an expert here. Once you're done, you'll have no problem telling your macropus giganteus from your rosa sericea.

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Biology Journey into Life by Arms ISBN: 9780030767043 List Price: $91.00
Biology: Study of Life by William D. Schraer, Herbert... ISBN: 9780134350868 List Price: $93.00
Biology: Science for Life with Physiology Value Pack (includes Current Issues in Biology, Vo... by Colleen Belk, Virginia Bord... ISBN: 9780321585288 List Price: $124.60
Search for Life's Origins Progress and Future Directions in Planetary Biology and Chemical E... by National Research Council S... ISBN: 9780309042468 List Price: $16.00
Basher: Biology : Life As We Know It by Basher, Simon, Basher, Simo... ISBN: 9780753466223
Imaging Marine Life : Modern Imaging Techniques in Marine Biology by Reynaud, Emmanuel G. ISBN: 9783527327447 List Price: $169.95
The Biology of Marine Life by Mariscal, R. N. ISBN: 9780070121737
Trees of Life Essays in Philosophy of Biology by Griffiths, Paul ISBN: 9780792317098 List Price: $129.00
Life Is Loopy : Exploring the Principles of Biology by Temme, David H. ISBN: 9780757547713 List Price: $53.50
Biology: The Dynamics of Life by Douglas Fisher ISBN: 9780078730429 List Price: $22.00
Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life by Starr/Taggart ISBN: 9780534682408
Life and Sientific American Biology Reader by Purves ISBN: 9780716743422
Biology: life on Earth - Vol. 2 by Teresa Audesirk, Gerald Aud... ISBN: 9780536966261
Intro to Biology of Marine Life Instructor's Toolkit by Morrissey ISBN: 9780763763282 List Price: $194.95
Biology : Threads of Life by Ibim, Sobrasua ISBN: 9781453520673 List Price: $34.99
Mind in Life : Biology, Phenomenology, and the Sciences of Mind by Thompson, Evan ISBN: 9780674057517 List Price: $24.95
Molecular Biology of the Yeast Saccharomyces: Life Cycle and Inheritance (Monograph Ser... by Jeffrey N. Strathern, James... ISBN: 9780879691790 List Price: $45.00
Biology by Joelle Jenner Janann V.; Pr... ISBN: 9780072952674
Migration The Biology of Life on the Move by Dingle, Hugh ISBN: 9780195089622 List Price: $225.00
Outlines & Highlights for Biology: Science for Life with Physiology by Belk, ISBN: 013225770X by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428862562 List Price: $13.95
Teacher Express Biology Exploring Life (Plan. Teach. Assess) by Campbell, Neil A., Williams... ISBN: 9780132508841 List Price: $199.97
Biology: The Study of Life Study Guide by William D. Schraer ISBN: 9780130834119 List Price: $19.15
Biology: Discovering Life: Core Concepts by Levine, Joseph S., Miller, ... ISBN: 9780669340839 List Price: $15.56
Outlines & Highlights for Biology: Life on Earth by Audesirk, ISBN: 0132380617 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428862609 List Price: $17.95
Biology: The Dynamics of Life by Unknown ISBN: 9780078458293
Biology: Science for Life by Unknown ISBN: 9780132276719
Biology: Science for Life, Books a la Carte Edition (3rd Edition) by Colleen Belk, Virginia Bord... ISBN: 9780321595546 List Price: $95.33
Mankato State University Biology 100: Selected Exercises from Mader Inquiry into Life 8th Ed... by Sylvia S. Mader, Ricki Lewi... ISBN: 9780072289367 List Price: $36.95
Outlines & Highlights for Biology: Science for Life by Belk, ISBN: 0131489690 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428862630 List Price: $11.95
The meaning and the method of life; a search for religion in biology by Gould, George Milbry ISBN: 9781116764017 List Price: $36.99
Elementary Biology, an Introduction to the Science of Life by Gruenberg ISBN: 9781152644564 List Price: $34.79
Biology 105 L Life Science Laboratory Manual by Unknown ISBN: 9780072519235 List Price: $25.63
Biology : The Science Life by Unknown ISBN: 9780673556165 List Price: $67.00
Quantitative Cellular Biology : An Approach to the Quantitative Analysis of Life Processes by Heinmets, Ferdinand ISBN: 9780608170138 List Price: $105.80
Biology Life on Earth (9th - International Ed.) (9th Edition) by Audesirk Audesirk Byers ISBN: 9780321699848
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