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There are people out there who will tell you that art can't be learned from a book, that it must be felt from within. These people tend to create really horrible works of art, because they fail to take note of the lessons that have been learned from centuries of people perfecting the craft. Art textbooks teach the finer points of these lessons. Whether you are learning about art history, discovering how certain works of art reflected the times that they were created in, or studying various techniques of art creation, these text books will help you appreciate art's more subtle influences, which in turn makes you a better artist. When you rent art textbooks, you save money over purchasing them, which allows you to focus on more important things, like supplies and pizza. Art students who rent textbooks are able to return their books once class is over. This makes textbook rental a convenient and affordable way to obtain the art textbooks needed for class without going over budget.

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The Schechter Haggadah: Art, History and Commentary by Kulp, Joshua, Golinkin, David ISBN: 9789657105597 List Price: $49.95
Art History by Stokstad, Marilyn, Binkley,... ISBN: 9780131743205 List Price: $136.80
Janson's History of Art The Western Tradition by Davies, Penelope J. E., Den... ISBN: 9780131934559 List Price: $165.20
Art History Portable, Book 4: 14th-17th Century Art (4th Edition) by Stokstad, Marilyn, Cothren,... ISBN: 9780205790944 List Price: $70.20
History of the Art of Antiquity by Winckelmann, Johann Joachim... ISBN: 9780892366682 List Price: $67.50
Pompeii The History,Life And Art Of The Buried City by Panetta, Marisa Ranieri ISBN: 9788854400306 List Price: $49.95
Understanding Art A Concise History by Fichner-Rathus, Lois ISBN: 9780495101680 List Price: $70.95
History of Art in 20th Century China by Peng, Lu, Jingzhong, Fan, D... ISBN: 9788881587797
American Art to 1900: A Documentary History by Burns, Sarah, Davis, John ISBN: 9780520257566 List Price: $36.95
Art of Japanese Cloisonne Enamel: History, Techniques and Artists, 1600 to Present by Schneider, Fredric T. ISBN: 9780786447329 List Price: $95.00
Art History, Portable Editions Books 4,6 (4th Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael C... ISBN: 9780205004744 List Price: $121.67
Art History's History by Minor, Vernon Hyde ISBN: 9780130851338 List Price: $53.00
MySearchLab with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for History of Modern Art (7th E... by H. H. Arnason, Elizabeth C.... ISBN: 9780205954322 List Price: $66.67
Capoeira The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art by Assunção, Matthias Rohrig ISBN: 9780714680866 List Price: $53.95
Art History by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780131991408 List Price: $143.80
The Modern History of Art Therapy in the United States by Maxine Borowsky Junge ISBN: 9780398079413 List Price: $57.95
Art History, Portable Editions Books 1,2 with MyArtsLab (4th Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael C... ISBN: 9780205004706 List Price: $132.20
Visual Arts: a History by Honour, Hugh, Fleming, John ISBN: 9781780671178
History of Far Eastern Art by Lee, Sherman E., Richard, N... ISBN: 9780133933987 List Price: $78.10
Art History, Portable Editions Books 4,5,6 with MyArtsLab (4th Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael W... ISBN: 9780205004652 List Price: $145.40
Art History Portables Book 6: 18th -21st Century (4th Edition) by Stokstad, Marilyn, Cothren,... ISBN: 9780205790968 List Price: $70.20
Guerrilla Girls' Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art by Guerrilla Girls Staff, Guer... ISBN: 9780140259971 List Price: $20.00
History of Roman Art by Kleiner, Fred S. ISBN: 9780534638467 List Price: $125.95
Art A Brief History by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780131955417 List Price: $99.60
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