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Architecture is one of those fields that sounds dull at first, until you get into it and realize how amazing it is. The simple definition of architecture is the design of buildings, but it is really so much more than that. Architecture textbooks delve deeper into the art behind the buildings. These text books describe the social, religious, and political impact that we put into the buildings that we create. Everything that is built well is built for a reason, from the Islamic relevance of the spires of the Taj Mahal to the fact that restrooms are located near the bar in restaurants. When you rent architecture textbooks, you gain access to the secrets behind the buildings that surround you, without having to figure out what to do with the book when the class ends. Textbook rental allows you to use your books for as long as you need them, and return them when you're done. Choosing to rent textbooks is a sound decision, for architecture textbooks and every other subject you need.

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Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (Pact 2001): 2001 International (IEEE Conf... by Spain) International Confer... ISBN: 9780769513638 List Price: $145.00
First Computers History and Architectures by Rojas, Raúl, Hashagen, Ulf ISBN: 9780262181976 List Price: $75.00
Fault Tolerant Computer Architecture (Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture) by Sorin, Daniel J., Hill, Mar... ISBN: 9781598299533 List Price: $35.00
Outlines & Highlights for Computer System Architecture by Mano, ISBN: 0131755633 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428868878 List Price: $29.95
From Cisc to Risc : Computer Architecture by Clements ISBN: 9780534954260 List Price: $60.95
Multi-Softcore Architectures and Algorithms for a Class of Sparse Computations by Wang, Qingbo ISBN: 9781243820952 List Price: $69.00
Computer System Architecture by P. V. S. Rao ISBN: 9788120335943
Computing with T. Node Parallel Architecture by Heidrich, D., Grossetie, J. C. ISBN: 9789401055468 List Price: $269.00
Multithreaded Computer Architecture: a Summary of the State of the ART : A Summary of the St... by Iannucci, Robert A., Guang ... ISBN: 9781461361619 List Price: $349.00
Field-Programmable Custom Computing Technology: Architectures, Tools, and Applications : Arc... by Arnold, Jeffrey, Luk, Wayne... ISBN: 9781461369882 List Price: $193.00
Studyguide for The Essentials Of Computer Organization And Architecture by Null, Linda, ISBN... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews ISBN: 9781490225777 List Price: $29.95
Computational Situated Learning in Architectural Designing by Reffat Rabee Mohamed ISBN: 9783659423505 List Price: $85.00
Computer Architecture : A Quantitative Approach: Fifth Multimedia Edition by Hennessy, John L., Patterso... ISBN: 9780124077270 List Price: $94.95
Outlines & Highlights for Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance ... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews ISBN: 9781614615637 List Price: $29.95
Smart Automatic Services for Soa, Eda and Cloud Computing Based Architectures by Diop, Cod�, Exposito, Ernesto ISBN: 9781848215849 List Price: $85.00
Computer Architecture (cloth) by Patterson, David A., Hennes... ISBN: 9781558603295 List Price: $85.95
Computer Architecture (cloth) by Hennessy, John L., Patterso... ISBN: 9781558600690 List Price: $69.95
Harmonic Mind Vol. 1 : From Neural Computation to Optimality-Theoretic Grammar - Cognitive A... by Smolensky, Paul, Legendre, ... ISBN: 9780262516198 List Price: $27.00
Computer Architecture >intl.ed.< by Hennessy, John L., Patterso... ISBN: 9781558607248 List Price: $57.95
Outlines & Highlights for The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture by Linda ... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews ISBN: 9781614615620 List Price: $28.95
Computer Aided Design : Fundamentals and System Architectures by Encarnacao, J., Schlechtend... ISBN: 9783642967122 List Price: $99.00
Architecture of Computing Systems - ARCS 2010: 23rd International Conference, Hannover, Germ... by Müller-Schloer, Christian, ... ISBN: 9783642119491 List Price: $72.00
Computer Architecture: a Minimalist Perspective : A Minimalist Perspective by Gilreath, William F., Lapla... ISBN: 9781461349808 List Price: $199.00
Digital Design Principles and Computer Architecture by Karalis, Edward ISBN: 9780133745887 List Price: $188.00
Computer Architecture: Software Aspects, Coding, and Hardware by John Y. Hsu ISBN: 9780849310263 List Price: $164.95
Client/Server Computing Architecture, Applications, and Distributed Systems Management by Elbert, Bruce R., Martyna, ... ISBN: 9780890066911 List Price: $40.00
The Computer Architecture and Logic Design by Unknown ISBN: 9780070039049 List Price: $27.95
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