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Architecture is one of those fields that sounds dull at first, until you get into it and realize how amazing it is. The simple definition of architecture is the design of buildings, but it is really so much more than that. Architecture textbooks delve deeper into the art behind the buildings. These text books describe the social, religious, and political impact that we put into the buildings that we create. Everything that is built well is built for a reason, from the Islamic relevance of the spires of the Taj Mahal to the fact that restrooms are located near the bar in restaurants. When you rent architecture textbooks, you gain access to the secrets behind the buildings that surround you, without having to figure out what to do with the book when the class ends. Textbook rental allows you to use your books for as long as you need them, and return them when you're done. Choosing to rent textbooks is a sound decision, for architecture textbooks and every other subject you need.

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Model Driven Architecture Applying Mda to Enterprise Computing by Frankel, David S. ISBN: 9780471319207 List Price: $40.00
Reliability Evaluation of Some Fault-Tolerant Computer Architectures by Osaki, Shunji, Nishio, T. ISBN: 9780387102740 List Price: $31.95
Computer Architecture >intl.ed.< by Hennessy, John L., Patterso... ISBN: 9781558607248 List Price: $57.95
Computer Network Security Second International Workshop on Mathematical Methods, Models, and... by Gorodetski, Vladimir I., Po... ISBN: 9783540407973 List Price: $75.00
Safety Licensable Computing Architecture by Halang, Wolfgang A., Kramer... ISBN: 9789810216283 List Price: $147.00
Organic and Pervasive Computing--Arcs 2004 International Conference on Architecture of Compu... by Mnller-Schloer, Christian, ... ISBN: 9783540212386 List Price: $68.00
Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture by Hughes, John ISBN: 9783540543961 List Price: $102.00
Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture by Null, Linda, Lobur, Julia ISBN: 9780763704445 List Price: $99.95
Computing in Architectural Practice by Woodward, Christopher, Howe... ISBN: 9780419213109 List Price: $65.00
Computer Architecture and Implementation by Cragon, Harvey ISBN: 9780521657051 List Price: $50.00
CAD Revealed : Introductory Textbook on Computer-Aided Graphics for Drafting, Engineering, a... by Paige, Vernon, Walatka, Pam ISBN: 9780937148075 List Price: $7.00
Security of Computer Architectures by Boulanger, Jean-Louis ISBN: 9781848211971 List Price: $90.00
Parallel Algorithm Synthesis Procedure for High-Performance Computer Architectures by Dunn, Ian N., Meyer, Gerard... ISBN: 9780306477430 List Price: $175.00
Software Architectures and Tools for Computer Aided Process Engineering by Braunschweig, Bertrand, Gan... ISBN: 9780444508270 List Price: $520.00
IEEE International Conference on Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and Processors ... by IEEE Computer Society Staff ISBN: 9780818679582 List Price: $19.95
PowerPC Microprocessor Common Hardware Reference Platform: A System Architecture - Apple Com... by Apple Computers, Inc. Staff... ISBN: 9781558603943 List Price: $54.95
Computer Network Security Third International Workshop on Mathematical Methods, MOdels and A... by Gorodetsky, Vladimir, Koten... ISBN: 9783540291138 List Price: $84.00
Computer Systems Architecture A Networking Approach by Williams, Rob ISBN: 9780321340795 List Price: $125.00
Computer Organization+architecture by Stallings, William ISBN: 9780133599855 List Price: $84.00
Computer Architecture (cloth) by Patterson, David A., Hennes... ISBN: 9781558603295 List Price: $85.95
Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures 2007 by Dong, Andy, Moere, Andrew V... ISBN: 9781402065279 List Price: $219.00
Introduction to 80X86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture by Detmer, Richard C. ISBN: 9780763717735 List Price: $133.95
Computer Architecture and Implementation by Cragon, Harvey G. ISBN: 9780521651684 List Price: $99.00
Computer Network Architectures and Protocols by Sunshine, C. A. ISBN: 9780306431890 List Price: $236.00
PARLE '94 Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe: 6th International PARLE Conference, A... by Halatsis, C., Maritsas, D.,... ISBN: 9783540581840 List Price: $121.00
Fundamentals of Parallel Computer Architecture : Multichip and Multicore Systems by Solihin, Yan ISBN: 9780984163007 List Price: $125.00
Architecture of High Performance Computers - R. N. Ibbett - Hardcover by Ibbett, R. N., Topham, Nige... ISBN: 9780387913520 List Price: $48.95
Speculative Execution In High Performance Computer Architectures by Yew, Pen-Chung, Kaeli, David ISBN: 9781584884477 List Price: $109.95
Fundamentals of Computer Architecture by Unknown ISBN: 9780333998663 List Price: $49.70
Sci Scalable Coherent Interface Architecture and Software for High-Performance Compute Clus... by Hellwagner, Hermann, Reinef... ISBN: 9783540666967 List Price: $79.95
Advances in Computers Architectural Advances by Zelkowitz, Marvin V. ISBN: 9780123737458 List Price: $166.00
Architectures and Compilation Techniques for Fine and Medium Grain Parallelism: Proceedings ... by Cosnard, Michel, Ebcioglu, ... ISBN: 9780444884640 List Price: $132.75
Solutions Manual - Computer Architecture by Dumas Ii Joseph D Staff ISBN: 9780849391712
Embedded Computing A Vliw Approach To Architecture, Compilers And Tools by Fisher, Joseph A., Farabosc... ISBN: 9781558607668 List Price: $86.95
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