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Architecture is one of those fields that sounds dull at first, until you get into it and realize how amazing it is. The simple definition of architecture is the design of buildings, but it is really so much more than that. Architecture textbooks delve deeper into the art behind the buildings. These text books describe the social, religious, and political impact that we put into the buildings that we create. Everything that is built well is built for a reason, from the Islamic relevance of the spires of the Taj Mahal to the fact that restrooms are located near the bar in restaurants. When you rent architecture textbooks, you gain access to the secrets behind the buildings that surround you, without having to figure out what to do with the book when the class ends. Textbook rental allows you to use your books for as long as you need them, and return them when you're done. Choosing to rent textbooks is a sound decision, for architecture textbooks and every other subject you need.

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Computer Organisation And Architecture An Introduction by Chalk Carter Hind ISBN: 9780230002371
Computer System Architecture by Ashok Gahlot ISBN: 9788178849591
Computer Organization & Architecture by Deepak Tyagi ISBN: 9788131308516
Computer Organization and Architecture by Deepak Tyagi ISBN: 9788131308509
Computer System Architecture by Harsh Marwah ISBN: 9788126146079
GTU - Computer Organization and Architecture by S. Jain ISBN: 9788183333610
Computer Organization With Architecture by Dinesh Sindwani Sweety Goyal ISBN: 9789350140901
Fundamentals Of Computer Organisation And Architecture by Jyotsna Sengupta ISBN: 9788184501872
Computer System Organization and Architecture by Rajeev Ranjan ISBN: 9789381293140
Computer System Architecture by Rajneesh Narayan ISBN: 9789380540511
Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Architecture by Jyotsna Sengupta ISBN: 9788184501865
Computer Architecture and Organization by P. Chakraborthy ISBN: 9788179924693
Advanced Computer Architecture by Kai Hwang ISBN: 9780070702103
Computer Organization and Architecture by Alka Vishwa ISBN: 9789382332473 List Price: $38.00
Computer Systems Organization & Architecture by CARPINELLI JOHN D. ISBN: 9788177587678
Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance by Stallings William William S... ISBN: 9788131732458
Parallel Computer Architecture by Anoop Gupta David E Jaswind... ISBN: 9788178671161
Digital Design and Computer Architecture by Unknown ISBN: 9789382291527
Introduction to Computer System and Architecture by Jitendra Joshi, Keshav Dev ... ISBN: 9783659454967 List Price: $95.00
Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture by Null, Linda, Lobur, Julia ISBN: 9781284034431 List Price: $317.85
Cloud Computing. Actionable Architecture by Mathews George ISBN: 9783656580843 List Price: $20.90
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