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Accounting is one of those subjects that everyone seems to have an opinion about. Some claim that it's boring number-crunching that attempts to justify shady business decisions. But the truth of the matter is, without skilled accountants, it would be impossible for a business to keep tabs on its performance. Accountants tell the leaders of a business whether or not they have sufficient funds to invest in a new program, explore potential growth opportunities, or go on a leadership retreat to Tahiti. Text books in accounting range from basic introductions to the fundamentals of the business to complex explanations of accounting principles that would make most peoples' heads spin. Renting accounting textbooks is a great accounting principle too, because it saves money over buying a book that you may not need after this semester's class. When you rent textbooks, in accounting or any other subject, you're showing sound financial judgment, which is an impressive trait for a future accountant. Textbook rental is fast, safe, and easy, and you're not stuck afterwards with a textbook the bookstore won't buy back from you. When you rent accounting textbooks, you don't need double-entry bookkeeping to know it's a wise decision.

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Shapland and Turner Cases in Financial Accounting by Julie Shapland, Cynthia Turner ISBN: 9780132752817 List Price: $40.00
Financial and Managerial Accounting by Warren, Carl S., Reeve, Jam... ISBN: 9780324401882 List Price: $234.95
Financial Accounting A Business Process Approach by Reimers, Jane L. ISBN: 9780131473867 List Price: $192.00
Financial Accounting. Robert Libby, Patricia A. Libby, Daniel G. Short by Robert Libby ISBN: 9780071313940 List Price: $112.00
Loose-leaf version Financial Accounting by Spiceland, J. David, Thomas... ISBN: 9780077411718
Financial Accounting for Undergraduates by Ferris, Kenneth, Ferris, Ke... ISBN: 9781618530400
Using Financial Accounting Information by Porter, Gary A., Norton, Cu... ISBN: 9780538468084 List Price: $128.95
Financial Accounting by Warren, Carl S., Reeve, Jam... ISBN: 9780324380675 List Price: $231.95
Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts with Connect Plus by Edmonds, Edmonds, Thomas, M... ISBN: 9780077400149
Financial Accounting for MBAs by Unknown ISBN: 9781934319345 List Price: $168.75
Financial Accounting by Libby, Robert, Libby, Patri... ISBN: 9780073526881 List Price: $286.75
The IRA Trust: Turning Inherited Retirement Accounts Into a Financial Dynasty by Jeffrey G Marsocci Esq. ISBN: 9781935896012 List Price: $7.50
Financial Accounting by Dyckman, Thomas, Dyckman, T... ISBN: 9781618530448
Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts by Thomas Edmonds, Frances Mcn... ISBN: 9780077433871 List Price: $81.65
Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts by Edmonds, Thomas P., McNair,... ISBN: 9780073104027 List Price: $165.80
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting with Annual Report + Connect Plus by Phillips, Phillips, Fred, L... ISBN: 9780077398200
Financial Numbers Game Detecting Creative Accounting Practices by Mulford, Charles W., Comisk... ISBN: 9780471770732 List Price: $29.95
Financial Accounting by Harrison, Walter T., Horngr... ISBN: 9780136129349 List Price: $192.00
Financial Accounting, Working Papers by Weygandt, Jerry J., Kieso, ... ISBN: 9780470507018 List Price: $86.95
Financial Accounting Plus NEW MyAccountingLab with EText by Harrison, Walter T., Horngr... ISBN: 9780132971065
Financial Accounting in an Economic Context by Pratt, Jamie ISBN: 9780470128824 List Price: $206.95
Principles of Financial Accounting: Ch 1-17 by Wild, John, Larson, Kermit,... ISBN: 9780077338213 List Price: $101.65
Study Guide, Chapters 1-15 for Warren/Reeve/Duchac's Corporate Financial Accounting, 10th an... by Warren, Carl S., Reeve, Jam... ISBN: 9780324664645 List Price: $38.95
Introduction to Financial Accounting by Horngren, Charles T., Ellio... ISBN: 9780131479722 List Price: $198.67
Cornerstones of Financial and Managerial Accounting by Rich, Jay, Jones, Nick, Mow... ISBN: 9780324787351 List Price: $215.95
Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts by Edmonds, Thomas P., McNair,... ISBN: 9780073367774 List Price: $189.88
Crash Course in Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis by Feldman, Matan, Libman, Arkady ISBN: 9780470047019 List Price: $29.95
Financial Accounting >Canadian< by Unknown ISBN: 9780070957893
Financial Accounting : An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses by Stickney, Clyde P., Weil, R... ISBN: 9780324789003
Financial Accounting Exam Questions and Explanations by Gleim, Irvin N., Collins, W... ISBN: 9781581941128 List Price: $19.95
Managerial Economics and Financial Accounting by Reddy Saraswathi ISBN: 9788120333277
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