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Accounting is one of those subjects that everyone seems to have an opinion about. Some claim that it's boring number-crunching that attempts to justify shady business decisions. But the truth of the matter is, without skilled accountants, it would be impossible for a business to keep tabs on its performance. Accountants tell the leaders of a business whether or not they have sufficient funds to invest in a new program, explore potential growth opportunities, or go on a leadership retreat to Tahiti. Text books in accounting range from basic introductions to the fundamentals of the business to complex explanations of accounting principles that would make most peoples' heads spin. Renting accounting textbooks is a great accounting principle too, because it saves money over buying a book that you may not need after this semester's class. When you rent textbooks, in accounting or any other subject, you're showing sound financial judgment, which is an impressive trait for a future accountant. Textbook rental is fast, safe, and easy, and you're not stuck afterwards with a textbook the bookstore won't buy back from you. When you rent accounting textbooks, you don't need double-entry bookkeeping to know it's a wise decision.

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Failed Financial Institutions : RTC/FDIC risk fraud and mismanagement by employing those dee... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234227500 List Price: $14.14
Multifamily Housing : Physical and financial condition of mark-to-market at-risk Properties by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234226480 List Price: $19.99
Benefit System Requirements : Checklist for reviewing systems under the Federal Financial Ma... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234226541 List Price: $12.64
Financial Audit Manual Update To by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234226640 List Price: $39.34
Financial Regulation : Review of selected operations of the Federal Housing Finance Board by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234225957 List Price: $19.99
Financial Management : DOD's metrics program provides focus for improving Performance by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234225414 List Price: $14.14
International Finance : Actions taken to reform financial sectors in Asian emerging Markets by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234224622 List Price: $19.99
Financial Management : FFMIA implementation necessary to achieve Accountability by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234224493 List Price: $10.86
Are Current Financial Accounting Standards Protecting Investors? : Hearing before the Subcom... by United States. Congress. Ho... ISBN: 9781234222826 List Price: $19.99
Financial Management : Survey of capitalization threshold and other policies for property, p... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234222819 List Price: $11.83
Financial Accounting Standards Board Act : Hearing before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade by United States. Congress. Ho... ISBN: 9781234222567 List Price: $19.99
Workforce Investment Act : States' spending Is on track, but better guidance would improve f... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234221201 List Price: $10.90
Results-Oriented Management : Agency crosscutting actions and plans in drug control, family ... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234220044 List Price: $11.83
Potential Terrorist Attacks : Additional actions needed to better prepare critical financial... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234219796 List Price: $12.65
Potential Terrorist Attacks : Additional Actions Needed to Better Prepare Critical Financial... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234219826 List Price: $21.05
Personal Trainer Financial Accounting by Albrecht ISBN: 9780324144611
Financial Accounting by Kimmel, Paul D. ISBN: 9780471233497 List Price: $34.95
Financial Accounting by Imdieke, Leroy F. ISBN: 9780471530961
Financial Accounting and Lotus Problems 3 by Imdieke ISBN: 9780471559474 List Price: $76.95
Northern Montana College, Financial Statements : June 30, 1983 and [audit for] years ended J... by Peat, Marwick, Montana. Leg... ISBN: 9781179496955 List Price: $17.75
Study of Local Government Financial Reporting Practices and Accounting Principles by Law, Donald Royal ISBN: 9781245097277 List Price: $30.75
Study of Institutional Forces Concerned with Financial Accounting in the United States, Util... by VanGermeersch, Richard G. J. ISBN: 9781245096775 List Price: $32.75
Financial Governance of Charities : A Report Prepared by the Department of Accounting and Fi... by Gambling, Trevor, Jones, Ro... ISBN: 9781859340295 List Price: $29.95
Management Accounting- Financial Strategy by Parkinson, Christine, Ogilv... ISBN: 9781859715123 List Price: $49.95
Financial Reporting : UK Standards by Gowthorpe, C., Robins, Paul... ISBN: 9781859715055 List Price: $44.95
Financial Accounting International Standards by Robertson, Luisa ISBN: 9781859715048 List Price: $44.95
Financial Accounting UK Standards by Rolfe, Tom ISBN: 9781859715031 List Price: $44.95
Financial Accounting Fundamentals by Lunt, Henry, Weaver, Margaret ISBN: 9781859714966 List Price: $49.95
Uses of Interest Rate and Currency Swaps by Financial Managers by Helliar, C. V., Chartered I... ISBN: 9781874784593 List Price: $27.95
Financial Accounting Flipper 2 by DeLisa, James ISBN: 9781878383266 List Price: $6.95
Financial Accounting Flipper 1 by DeLisa, James ISBN: 9781878383259 List Price: $6.95
Financial Statements and Trust Accounts : Essential Forms for Law Firms by Munneke, Gary A., Davis, An... ISBN: 9781616329594
New Business Kit : A Guide to Financial, Tax and Accounting Considerations of Starting a New... by 2020 Group USA, Karma, Fred... ISBN: 9781456454333 List Price: $21.00
New Business Kit : A guide to financial, tax and accounting considerations of starting a suc... by 2020 Group USA, Murphy, Jer... ISBN: 9781456543631 List Price: $24.95
Business Modernization : NASA's challenges in managing its Integrated Financial Management P... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234252137 List Price: $10.86
Accountability and Results in Federal Budgeting : Hearing before the Federal Financial Manag... by United States. Congress. Se... ISBN: 9781234362386 List Price: $23.28
Financial Accounting for Local and State School Systems by U.S. Government ISBN: 9781234366551 List Price: $21.89
Financial Management : Status of financial management issues at the Small Business Administr... by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234400224 List Price: $19.99
Financial Management Service : Significant weaknesses in computer Controls by United States. Accounting ... ISBN: 9781234402266 List Price: $14.14
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