When it's time to sell your used textbooks you have several options:

  1. Visit your campus bookstore during their designated buyback dates.
  2. List your textbooks on an online marketplace.
  3. Sell your textbooks with an online textbook sell back service.

There are obviously other ways that you can sell your books, but these are the preferred methods used by college students in the United States and Canada. Most students sell their textbooks to their campus bookstore for immediate cash, some will list them through an online marketplace to get more money, and others will sell them to an online textbook sell back service for faster payment and a greater selection of buyback titles.

There are many pros and cons to each of these methods, so please read on to educate yourself on the method(s) that will best suit your needs when it comes time to sell your books.

Selling Textbooks to the Campus Bookstore
Campus Bookstores
  • Pros
  • • Conveniently located
  • • Cash on the spot
  • Cons
  • • Limited dates and times
  • • Limited titles bought back
  • • Limited quantities bought
  • • Long lines

Most students sell their textbooks to their campus bookstore because they get cash on the spot and it's usually conveniently located. However, there are many shortcomings when selling to the campus store; Sell Back prices may not be the best, sell back dates are usually limited to the end of the school term, store hours are also limited, they usually only buyback a limited number of titles and quantities per title, and students may have to wait in long lines to get their cash. The majority of campus bookstores also refuse to buy textbooks that are missing CD's and other supplemental material.

Some campus bookstores claim to offer fifty percent cash back on textbooks, however this offer is usually limited to certain number of titles and a certain quantity per title. The campus store may attempt to make this offer when they are aware of a particular title being used again in the following school term. However, due to the busy nature of the end of the school term, professors may not have the time to decide and submit their book requisitions to the campus store before buybacks begin; this makes it very difficult for the campus store to know which books to even offer fifty percent for.

Selling Textbooks to an Off-Campus Bookstore
Off-Campus Bookstores
  • Pros
  • • Cash on the spot
  • • Competitive Sell Back
  • • Buyback more titles and
    books w/out CD's
  • • Conveniently located for
    off-campus students
  • Cons
  • • Inconvenient for students
    who live on campus

Be sure to find out if there are any off-campus bookstores near you. Off-campus bookstores may offer you more money for your books than the on-campus bookstore and be more conveniently located for students living off-campus. Off-campus stores give cash on the spot and often use a number of different wholesalers to generate their buyback values, which increases the amount of titles that they are able to purchase. Many off-campus bookstores also buy books that are missing CD's or other supplemental material. Most off-campus bookstores buyback books year round, while most campus bookstores only buyback books at the end of the semester.

List Your Textbooks Through an Online Marketplace
Online Marketplaces
  • Pros
  • • More Money
  • Cons
  • • Takes time to sell
  • • Must be ready to ship

The primary reason students sell their textbooks through online marketplaces is to get more money for their books. By selling on a marketplace you are effectively cutting out the middle man. Marketplaces usually charge a small fee, only when your book sells, and the buyer generally pays for shipping. So it's up to you to set the price that you think you can sell it for.

Selling on a marketplace is fairly simple; you basically have to create an account, then post your book for sale on the site. When your book sells, you are notified by email and you must ship your book to the buyer immediately. The biggest problem with selling on a marketplace is that you have to wait (usually until the next semester) for your book to sell before you receive payment, and you have to be ready to ship it as soon as it sells.

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Selling Textbooks with an Online Textbook Sell Back Service
Textbook Sell Back
  • Pros
  • • Instant price quotes
  • • Competitive Sell Back
  • • Buys more titles and
  • • Buys books year round
  • • Pays faster than a
  • Cons
  • • Must package and ship
  • • Does not pay as fast as
    the campus store

Online textbook sell back services have become a very useful resource for college students and are growing in popularity. Students can get an instant price quote for their books from an online sell back service at anytime. Prices are generally very competitive with the campus store, however an online sell back service will buy more titles and quantities per title. They can do this because rather than just buying books to be re-sold at your school, they resell books to students nationwide.

An online sell back service will buy your books anytime of the year, regardless of when the next school term begins and will put cash in your hand faster than selling through an online marketplace. Selling your books to an online sell back service is fairly simple; you basically complete the process on their website, which takes about 2-3 minutes, package and ship your books to them (most services provide free shipping with prepaid shipping labels) and once they receive your books, they issue your payment. When choosing an online sell back service be sure to choose a company that is reliable and will pay you fast.

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