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Karam S

I received the book. Thanks for the prompt service. Best regards

Sheryl S
Zachariah S

This is the 2nd-3rd time I ordered an item and it has been canceled. I'm coming really close to not using your service again. This is utterly ridiculous. If the item isn't available dont list it!

Barbara D

I have yet to receive the book and can't track it where abouts. Contact the seller but they said it was shipped by a third party and than would go to the postal service. Not to happy right now.


Excellent drug guide/ This is the only one I have used for years and it is very informative. Very pleased with purchase.

Jia J

No complains, book listed as new and came as new.

Nehemie S
leah m

I ordered a text book for my son. The ordering was easy, however I received the wrong book. The picture of the textbook on the website When I return the book for a full refund I did Very dissatisfied

Matthew P

It worked out great thank you. As a first time customer I was grateful.

Mary E
Rose L

Came on time

Emmy M

I appriciate the quick delivery of valore, however I was disappointed to find out that you sold me an instructor's book which could not tell before I purchase because the sign was coverd.

Toni D

Just as expected. No problems. Thank you!

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