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Seller rating: (1,536) 86% *
Seller since October 2012
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  • Salem, OR
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Tammy M

Too hard of a book

Laura L
Steven R

Return the book

Desiree P

I returned this item and it did get delivered over 5 days ago but I did not receive and email saying it was being processed

Benjamin S

Best price on the market. Great condition. A few highlight marks but nothing to be upset about

Sean A

when they say 30 day money back garantee they leave out the fact that you will cover all shipping costs and not be refunded for your original shipment costs

Amanda M
Briana L

This was out of stock, and so we had to order elsewhere, which we didn't find out until several days after we ordered. Made it very late.

Maricela G

I returned this package right when I received it without opening it because I did not need it after all. Please refund my money to my debit card. Maricela Gonzalez

Natalie F

Quick sale but other companies offer free shipinng

Ganesa G
Micheline N

I got it late but it came.Thanks!

Zeal D

Do not buy a used iclicker, it doesnt work as you require a license. This is a waste of your money. You should buy a new one instead of renting a used one

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