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Kavin A

Book was supposed to be shipped from NY, book was ordered on 25th Aug and I'm yet to received this book on 15th Sep. Do not buy any books from this seller, book not shipped from NY, complete lie.

Dustin B

I do not recommend this site I purchased my book almost a month ago and still have not received it and am well into my class waiting on this book I even emailed the company and they were no help

michael s

It's been almost a month now and still have not received the book. Was offered a refund of my shipping $4, awful service.

Alexandria M

It has been almost a month and I still don't have my book. I'm disappointed.

Siamak E

very bad in delivering. I have not received my books yet after 11 days!!! while I am living in NJ and the books are shipped from NY!!

Siamak E

Very bad service in delivering. I have not received my books yet, after 11 days. I live in NJ and the books are shipped from NY!!!

Paulette T

I ordered my book Aug. 18 was told it shipped on the 19th19th. I had to request a tracking number by doing do, found that the book mailed until the 25th. As of today Sept. 6 still have not received it

Chrisitan s
Jose R

They claimed the book is in stock, but it takes four days for them to *fake* ship it. Another 7 days later, USPS hasn't received the book. Tracking is just blank until whenever they *real* ship.

Rajendra P

I have not received this book yet. It was was one of the worst textbook shopping experience yet. The book is not yet picked by USPS. If you need book in reasonable time, don't use this website at all.

Ahmed S

It has been 2 weeks and I still have no book. I am pissed! I need the book for my classes immediately!

Jerzy W

I got an email to say my book was shipped, but a week later got a confusing email refunding my money but not explaining that it was never actually shipped. Thanks for refund, but not for confusion.

Chris B

Good price. Good service.

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