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Rosa P

Great purchase, good deal, the book was in very good condition. Thanks.

Justin B

I never received my item. I was given an invalid tracking number and told to wait. I asked for my money back and they said nothing. Sorry, I don't give bad reviews but I really needed this for schoo

Stephanie R

I never received this book! The seller provided incorrect tracking info, and when I asked for the correct number, they got incredibly defensive telling me to be patient. Don't buy from them!!

Abigail F

I never got my book and I emailed the seller and I didn't get any reply. So I never even got my money back.

Ian B

Did not receive book!

Megan L

Never got the book.

Fiona E

Never received item.

Paul A

Never again! Never recieved book after many weeks and no responses to my inquiries. Also tracking info was "unavailable". Horrible experience!!!!

Seth R

Never received my book. Just kept getting pushed along when I tried to contact them.

Octavia W

My book never even came so I had to get a full refund.

Jacob W

It has been a month since I ordered my book and still have not received it. I have not received any update about whether it was lost in the mail or if it ever shipped.

Christy M

Today is April 13 and I ordered my book on March 16th. I am STILL waiting for a book I ordered a month ago. I have contacted the seller multiple times. I WAS RIPPED OFF!!

Marilena M

seems like the seller never sent the book - no valid tracking number. Had to contact valoreEbooks to get my money back after a month.

Marisa S

My book never came and the seller never reached out to get me another book. I got a refund but that should not have been necessary. I wanted the book not the money. So very dissatisfied. Never again

Matthew S

I never received the textbook.

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