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Cameron H

Less than half of the chapters on the DVD are viewable. Chapters 15-17 seem to have been wiped from the disk.

Kimberly V
Carin F

Great book condition and in good timing!

Kathryn M

This book is falling apart. I have noticed a few pages falling out here and there, along with one or two missing pages. Now that I am into chapter ten, almost all of the pages are about to fall out!

Tanika K


melissa m
Alison R
Amber E

The book came later than expected ( by 2 weeks) Im a college student and needed it within a week. I'll probably just rent from Amazon next time.

Samuel F

Haven't even used the textbook this term. I'm glad I got a good deal on it :)

Jeff B

Got the correct books quick with no issues. I hope the return is as flawless.

Jordan R

My tracking numbers for these books were mixed up and I only received one of the two books. I did not receive the small business management book but was still charged for it. It never even shipped

Ryan D

Received fast, had it before I knew it! Definitely will do this again.

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