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Florian C
kimberly p

As I stated before, I am very dissapointed in the purchase of this book due to the deceiving nature of its post. I have since returned the book because it was the wrong book.

June M

We received the book in a timely manner. Thank you very much! Will use this site again I'm sure.

Sondra M

excellent condition, fast shipping

Ryan F

Book arrived 2 days later than promised, & we had paid for expedited shipping. When we asked for refund of expedited shipping fee in light of the failure, the company didn't even respond to email.

Don W

Book ordered was not what I expected so I returned for refund. Beware of the return proecess and keep your return address, delivery confirmation, and tracking number. Vendor was "slow" to refund and stated they did not get my book back. Thankfully I kept the documentation proving otherwise. Refund after their 30 day limit was finally given.

Darla A

I returned the book and have not received a refund yet. Please apply the refund that is due.

Susan P

It was fine. Thank-you!

Elizabeth R
barbara b

fast shipping

Eugena F

Very pleased with purchase and fast delivery.

Meghan R

I have not yet received my order and would like to cancel it.

cesar m

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