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Joseph Y
Chasity D

The book came early. But was not was was described on the page. I didnt know I was buying an international version. But it has all of the same material thus far.

melanie s

This book was returned to you in the original shipping packaging, unopened. Please refund the purchase price to my bankcard that was used for billing. Thanks, Melanie Steele

Bonnie T

Great transaction. The book arrived quickly and in excellent condition

Pierre M

Prompt delivery and condition of the book as described.

Justine H

I was surprised that this book was exactly the same, other than it being a paper back cover, as the 300 version. I'm surprised! I not only saved over 200 dollars, but it was delivered promptly as well

Trevor B

Sent wrong book. Terrible. Very angry

Ioannis R
charles h


Joaquin B

Good quality

David W

The book I purchased arrived in near perfect condition. Thanks.

Jessica H

Had to return this boon because although the description says that it contains all of the same content it does not and that made having the book pointless.

Hiruy H

I was extremely disappointed by this book. I was assured that the book is identical to the US edition and it turned out far from what I expected. I will think twice about making a purchase here.

Hunter H

Very disapointed, sent me the wrong book and then gave me a partial refund with no explination. Tried to contact seller but no response after a week. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER

Alicia M

Excellent! Received book within a few day and in great shape.

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