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Steven B

The seller of this textbook never has gotten back with me i emailed them 3 or 4 days ago. i received the textbook but it was suppose to come with two books volume 1 and 2 but i only received 1 book

Andrey S

Never received.

Pauline M

Horrible service. I realized it was the wrong book, and cancelled within 60 minutes of placing the order. Never heard back from you, and you sent it anyway. I sent it back and would never buy from

Suthimah P
Dler X

Very satisfied with fast shipping, and textbook was very new looking. Love it, thanks!

Diana M
Talia V
Steven M

i will never order another thing from this seller and would recommend everyone to avoid this seller. customer service is terrible. i emailed them 4 times over a 3 day period and zero response, no book

Johnny G

Description of the book was accurate and book was in pristine condition. Price definitely beats in-store prices.

Michelle R

I ordered a book on 7/20/16 and paid the expedited shipping (2 - 4 days). It did not arrive until 7/26. Returned the book but never received credit. Seller did nothing. Discover is investigating.

Kimberlee T

Amazing service! Even with a hurricane in Florida, I still received my book in a week.

phoenix h
Amy M
Shawn S

great service and fast delivery

Kristen R

I paid express shipping for this and I didnt receive it for 10 days. They never offered to give any money back to me

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