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Collegebooksdirect Ratings & Buyer Feedback

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Keisha N

The book was in good condition and arrived quickly. Thanks.

Justin M
Kristen G

Fast and accurate

allen s

I received the book sooner than was expected. Thank you

Amanda S

I still have not received my order. It has been a week. I upgraded the shipping to 2-3 days due to needing it for a class. I have homework due and can not due it.

Kelsey G

I bought a book from them that they apparently don't even have. Now I have to wait 5 days to get my money back.

Jilane B

Ordered the book, it got canceled and they didn't email me that it was canceled. Now my daughter has quizzes without the book. Nice Communication!!! NOT!

Jane A

Textbook was delivered as promised. Excellent service.

Angel M

Service on book delivery was adequate.

Gina W

arrived undamaged and on time

Tamara T

EXTREMELY fast service- I placed the order and they must have immediately processed and shipped the order- amazing! Books in excellent condition. Will definitely order again from this seller!

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