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Youssra I

Very fast shipping and super cheap, good quality textbooks. Definitely recommend

Youssra I

Very fast shipping and great quality books. Love it!

Steven S

Honestly, what is the point of me getting this book now. I ordered this OVER A MONTH AGO and the class is half way done. I am not going to pick this book up and expect a full refund.

Sharon G

Got a great price on this book - very happy

Xavyer W
Jacob S

Better than what I was expecting and 5x cheaper, I practically got a brand new text book.

Melanie G

There was a problem with my order and my book did not get shipped. It was due to an error on Valore Books end. They overnighted the book for me and returened the cost of my shipping.

Sara E

Was worried based on some of the other feedback but the book correct book came on time as scheduled so no problem.

Rochelle C

Item was exactly as described. Fast shipping, Thank you!

Chip R

This order too over a week which is not expedited by anyone's standards.

rosibel g

The book came in good condition and it came at a normal speed.

Thamy N

The book came in great conditions and shipped right away.

Tamara W

Great seller!

ashley f

The book had A LOT of highlighting... At first I was really upset about this because I like to highlight my own stuff, but thankfully the person who highlighted it was very organized. So I wasn't mad.

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