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Timothy Y

very good condition, and a very reasonable price, thank you Tim Yowell

julie h

Good condition. Corner got folded a little due to shipping package but is still in ok condition. Thank you

Andrew W

Very pleased with the order!

Alacoy M

Book was in great condition, and it came in on time! :D Very good, for being so cheap!

Dana D

No one got back to me and I received the wrong book

Carrie B

Excellent and fast shipment. Terrific seller!

Lindsey D

Quick delivery! Book was flawless! Couldn't be happier.

Tracy G

Great product and fast shipping!

Monnanyana B

This book is a lifetime book in greenhouse management. It is very resourceful and I will encourage proponents of greenhouse management to have it as an asset.

Hassan S

You guys sent me the teachers book! How am I supposed to learn if the answers are right there. I'm really disappointed. Very Un satisfied

Ashley G
arturo d

Paid for fast shipping got here on time book was more than in good condition was excellent condition! I will keep purchasing books from here thank you. To be honest I was a bit ify about this website.

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