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Seller rating: (24,805) 93% *
Seller since July 2006
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  • Mishawaka, IN
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Better World Books Ratings & Buyer Feedback

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Mikayla A

I had to cancel my order immediately after ordering and they got back to me quickly the next day and had the order cancelled immediately. They were awesome

Shawntoya B


Feiga W

I never received the book, and got reimbursed with the idea that it got lost in the mail.

Patricia C

I have not received this book yet.

Alex M

Great to deal with. Hope to again.++++++++++++++++

Holly W
Kabell M

Not helpful when emailed. Won't send tracking information after asked.. Told it took 1-2 days to process. It took over a week. Then takes even longer to get here.

Susan W

This book took the full 14 days to arrive. I did not have it when my class started. I tried to cancel order because I got another book but they said no.

Luz M

Never got my book, I guess that should tell my experience

Holly W
Mikayla R

The book was in very good condition, almost like new!

Jeff M

It never fails to amaze me what excellent service Valorebooks provides.

Linda B

Good transaction. Thanks

Rosa D

I purchased this book on May 16th, as of today May 22th I did not receive the book. I paid expedite shipping I request the tracking number and I only get a robot replayed. Horrible experience!!!!

Wanda O

Delivery was delayed, had to follow up with Valore because no response was received from seller. Now it looks like this is not the correct book and I want to sell it back. I will contact Valore

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