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Seller rating: (24,598) 93% *
Seller since July 2006
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Better World Books Ratings & Buyer Feedback

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Esther K
Natalie N

Book was in really good condition. Much better and cheaper than what the school offered. It was great condition and no one can beat that price. Excited this is my last class 2 graduate

Trisha F

The seller cancelled the order and never informed me of the cancellation.

Beatriz F

Excellent Seller!! Pristine Item, highly recommended. Thank you so very much!!!

Ellen H

Enjoying both books very much. They also came in very good condition!

Rafael G

Book was like new!

Hannah W

I will never do business with them again.I have ordered from 3 different book places & this one is taking the longest to ship.Today is 1/12 & I placed order 12/31.Sitting in a facility now for 5 days

Laura G

I ordered this text in the beginning of December. Better World Books made me wait 14 Business days before helping. With the holidays it turned into 5 weeks. It never arrived - awful experience.

Rachel H

Arrived super quick and in excellent condition! Thanks! Arrived super quick and in excellent condition! Thanks!

Christine L
Lori H
slavik k

Book arrived as described

Dorian A
Alice W

Fast Delivery, with tracking number to follow order. Wonderful experience

Sarah M

Very pleased with the condition and the timeliness of this order. Thank you!

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