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If you'd like to learn more about true crime, you can buy and rent cheap espionage textbooks from us right here and now. We specialize in pre-owned books that can be priced far more cheaply than brand new copies. Check out books such as Espionage and Disinformation; Spying for the People: Mao's Secret Agents, 1949-1967; MI5: British Security Service Operations, 1909-1945, and Ethel Rosenberg Beyond the Myths. There are plenty of other available titles as well, so make sure you find out everything you can about them. There are lots of titles to appreciate and enjoy, to further your knowledge in this area. Whether you are reading for college or for your own pleasure, you will enjoy the sheer range of titles we have. Buy espionage textbooks online from us today and make sure you enjoy reading every single one of them. Don't forget you can sell back later on as well.

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Espionage And Disinformation by Gifford, Clive ISBN: 9781403476524 List Price: $31.43
MI5: British Security Service Operations, 1909-1945 by West, Nigel ISBN: 9780812828597
Ethel Rosenberg Beyond the Myths by Philipson, Ilene ISBN: 9780813519173 List Price: $23.95
Sylvia Rafael : The Life and Death of a Mossad Spy by Oren, Ram, Kfir, Moti, Gazi... ISBN: 9780813146959 List Price: $29.95
Spying for the People : Mao's Secret Agents, 1949-1967 by Schoenhals, Michael ISBN: 9781107017870 List Price: $90.00
Violent Femmes Women as Spies by White, Rosie ISBN: 9780415370776 List Price: $120.00
Australia's Spies and Their Secrets by McKnight, David ISBN: 9781863736619
Crimes Affecting State Security : Problems and Recent Trends by Kumar Sinha, Rajeev ISBN: 9780614087093
Countermeasures Cookbook Tscm Bible by Thomas, Ralph D. ISBN: 9781891247125 List Price: $45.00
Intelligence Requirements for the 1980s Intelligence and Policy by Godson, Roy S. ISBN: 9780669111347 List Price: $24.95
Peter Lee Case Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate by Specter, Arlen ISBN: 9780756729370 List Price: $45.00
Report of Investigation: The Aldrich Ames Espionage Case by Unknown ISBN: 9780788116186 List Price: $45.00
Encyclopedia of World Espionage by Kurland, Michael ISBN: 9780816018437 List Price: $50.00
Interpersonal Spying : The Social Psychology of Privacy Invasion by Enzle, Michael E., Hawkins,... ISBN: 9780813331058
Interpersonal Spying : The Social Psychology of Privacy Invasion by Enzle, Michael E., Hawkins,... ISBN: 9780813331065
Secret Wars : The Shadowy World of Spies and Killers by Kumar, Arun ISBN: 9788124102367
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