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Buy United States textbooks online from our website and seize the chance to get discounted and pre-owned titles instead of expensive and brand new ones. Look for text books on all aspects and areas of the US; we've broken this category into several sections to help your search. You can buy cheap United States textbooks from a selection of hundreds, so make sure you know which ones you want. Look for Regional Landscapes of the US and Canada or Parks and Plates: The Geology of Our National Parks, Monuments and Seashores. Alternatively, why not rent used United States textbooks such as Of Sagebrush and Slot Machines: This Curious Place Called Nevada, or any one of dozens of other affordable books? Make your choice now and sell back at some point if you want to. With so many options to choose from it becomes easy to make sure you can enjoy your best and cheapest deals on college text books from us.

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Regional Landscapes of the US and Canada by Stephen S. Birdsall, Eugene... ISBN: 9780470098264
Flora of West Virginia by P. D. Strausbaugh ISBN: 9780890920497 List Price: $65.00
Weeds of the West by Tom D. Whitson ISBN: 9780756711825 List Price: $70.00
A Guide to Chicago's Public Sculpture by Ira J. Bach, Mary L. Gray ISBN: 9780226033983 List Price: $24.00
Strangers in a Strange Land Humans in an Urbanizing World by Massey, Douglas S. ISBN: 9780393927276 List Price: $17.25
Before Lewis and Clark Documents Illustrating the History of the Missouri, 1785-1804 by Nasatir, Abraham Phineas ISBN: 9780806134673 List Price: $49.95
Club Date Musicians Playing the New York Party Circuit by MacLeod, Bruce A. ISBN: 9780252019548 List Price: $29.95
Texas Cowboy's Journal Up the Trail to Kansas in 1868 by Bailey, Jack, Dary, David, ... ISBN: 9780806137377 List Price: $24.95
Island in Grand Traverse Bay by Firestone, Kathleen C. ISBN: 9780962563119 List Price: $21.00
Wilderness Trails of Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest by Sierra Club, Tennessee Chap... ISBN: 9780870497728 List Price: $18.95
Hispanic Culture in the Southwest by Campa, Arthur L. ISBN: 9780806125695 List Price: $27.95
Asa Shinn Mercer Western Promoter and Newspaperman 1839-1917 by Woods, L. Milton ISBN: 9780870623158 List Price: $32.50
Thomas Jefferson & the Rocky Mountains Exploring the West from Monticello by Jackson, Donald, Ronda, Jam... ISBN: 9780806125046 List Price: $24.95
Field Guide to New Jersey Nature Centers by Held, Patricia C. ISBN: 9780813512891 List Price: $35.00
Guide to Bird Finding in New Jersey by Boyle, William J. ISBN: 9780813530857 List Price: $24.95
Patterned Peatlands of Minnesota by H.E. Wright ISBN: 9780816619177 List Price: $54.00
Cruising Guide to Narragansett Bay and the South Coast of Massachusetts Including Buzzards B... by Childress, Lynda M., Martin... ISBN: 9780070163041 List Price: $37.95
Folklore of Spain in American Southwest by Espinosa, Aurelio M., Espin... ISBN: 9780806122496 List Price: $29.95
Frommer's Florida 2002, e-Book Version by Goodwin ISBN: 9780764529429
Frommer's Philadelphia by Golan, Jay ISBN: 9780764527579
On the Upper Missouri The Journal of Rudolph Friederich Kurz, 1851-1852 by Kurz, Rudolph Friedrich, Ke... ISBN: 9780806136554 List Price: $24.95
Making of Virginia Architecture by Brownell, Charles E., Loth,... ISBN: 9780917046346 List Price: $50.00
NYC Life Going on by Eddie Adams Workshop Staff ISBN: 9780815681380 List Price: $24.95
Indian Island in Amherst County by Houck, Peter W., Maxham, Mi... ISBN: 9780963845504 List Price: $14.95
Island of South Georgia by Headland, Robert K., Hunt, Rex ISBN: 9780521424745 List Price: $46.00
Gerry Frank's Where to Find It, Buy It, Eat It in New York by Frank, Gerry ISBN: 9781879333109 List Price: $25.00
A Guide to Bird Finding in New Jersey, revised and updated by William J. Jr. Boyle ISBN: 9780813530840 List Price: $50.00
30 Walks in New Jersey by Dann, Kevin, Miller, Gordon ISBN: 9780813518114 List Price: $25.00
Rethinking California Politics & Policy in the Golden State by Cahn, Matthew Alan, Schockm... ISBN: 9780134679129 List Price: $54.00
On Edge of the World by Longstreth, Richard W. ISBN: 9780262121002 List Price: $40.00
Haunted Inns of New England - Mark Jasper - Paperback by Jasper, Mark ISBN: 9781580660532 List Price: $14.95
Poconos An Illustrated Natural History Guide by Oplinger, Carl S., Halma, R... ISBN: 9780813512945 List Price: $18.95
Post-Industrial Philadelphia Structural Changes in the Metropolotian Economy by Stull, William J., Madden, ... ISBN: 9780812282184 List Price: $23.95
Indian Country by Hillerman, Tony, Kalman, Bela ISBN: 9780873584289 List Price: $39.95
Churches of Charleston and the Lowcountry by Preservation Society of Cha... ISBN: 9780872498884 List Price: $29.95
Where to Find It, Buy It, Eat It in New York : Condensed Pocket Edition by Frank, Gerald W. ISBN: 9780961257866 List Price: $5.95
Stony Pass: The tumbling and impetuous trail by Cathy Elsa Kindquist ISBN: 9780960800056
They Came to South Fox Island by Craker, Kathy N., Pahl, John ISBN: 9780962563102 List Price: $18.00
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