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Egyptian Journal by Golding, William ISBN: 9780571135936 List Price: $19.95
Temple of Khonsu by Murnane, William J. ISBN: 9780918986283 List Price: $115.00
Egyptian Journal - William G. Golding - Paperback by Golding, William ISBN: 9780571125470
Egypt 1950 My First Visit by Bothmer, Bernard V., Hall, ... ISBN: 9781842171318 List Price: $50.00
Egypt by Duncan, Andrew ISBN: 9781853680465
Saddling the Dogs: Journeys through Egypt and the Near East by Fortenberry, Diane, Fortenb... ISBN: 9781842173671 List Price: $35.00
Sketches in Egypt by Gibson, C. D. ISBN: 9781931641500 List Price: $19.95
Guide to Ancient Egypt by Murnane, William J. ISBN: 9780871964618 List Price: $24.95
Upper Egypt by Kamil, Jill ISBN: 9780582783140 List Price: $9.95
Discovery Guide to Egypt by Haag, Michael ISBN: 9780902743755
Dayr Al-Barsha, Vol. 1 by Willems, Harco ISBN: 9789042918252
Egypt by Wilcox, Lee ISBN: 9780929851914 List Price: $22.00
Teti Cemetery at Saqqara The Tomb of Nikauisesi by Kanawati, Naguib, Raziq, Ma... ISBN: 9780856688195 List Price: $110.00
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