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You will often hear the expression that it is a small world. Well the truth is that we are just travelling the world more than we used to. With advances in transportation technology we are able to travel to and discover more of the world than ever before. With this increased ability is a heightened desire among much of the world's population to experience new places, whether they be within their own country, or on the other side of the world. To help you with your studies we have an extensive range of discounted transportation textbooks for you to choose from. It may be that you already know what books you need, in which case just use the ISBN numbers to pull up the exact books from your college reading list. If you would rather take a look at what we have to offer feel free to browse through the full collection. When you are done with your books at the end of your course make the most of our buyback service.

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Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems by Daly, Steven ISBN: 9780750669559 List Price: $54.95
Estimating for Collision Repair by Crandell, Michael ISBN: 9780766808911 List Price: $113.95
Workbook for Bennett's Heavy Duty Truck Systems by Bennett, Sean ISBN: 9781435483835 List Price: $59.95
Encyclopedia of African Airlines by Guttery, Ben R. ISBN: 9780786404957 List Price: $95.00
A&P Powerplant Textbook - Jeppesen - Paperback by Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780884873389 List Price: $45.95
Practical Guide to Fares and Ticketing by Semer-Purzycki, Jeanne ISBN: 9780766815827 List Price: $103.95
Private Pilot Man.-js314500-008 by Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780884873334 List Price: $73.95
Flight Dynamics by Stengel, Robert F. ISBN: 9780691114071 List Price: $95.00
Fundamentals of Sailplane Design by Thomas, Fred, Milgram, Juda... ISBN: 9780966955309 List Price: $49.95
Small Unmanned Aircraft: Theory and Practice by Randal W. Beard, Timothy W.... ISBN: 9780691149219 List Price: $105.00
Automotive Air Conditioning by Dwiggins, Boyce H. ISBN: 9780766807884 List Price: $129.95
Commercial Aviation Safety by Wells, Alexander T., Rodrig... ISBN: 9780071417426 List Price: $50.00
Aircraft Maintenance and Repair by Kroes, Michael J., Watkins,... ISBN: 9780028034591
Techone Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning by Carrigan, Russell, Eichelbe... ISBN: 9781401839895 List Price: $91.95
Modern Automotive Technology by Duffy, James E. ISBN: 9781590701867 List Price: $78.00
Collision Repair Fundamentals by Duffy, James E. ISBN: 9781418013363 List Price: $86.95
Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (2nd Edition) by Halderman, James D., Martin... ISBN: 9780135103845 List Price: $113.33
NATEF Correlated Task Sheets for Automotive Brake Systems by Halderman, James D. ISBN: 9780135079355 List Price: $34.40
Emergency Vehicle Operations by Lindsey, Jeffery, Patrick, ... ISBN: 9780131181557 List Price: $45.33
A&P Technician General Textbook - Jeppesen - Paperback by Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780884873396 List Price: $45.95
Global Positioning System Theory and Practice by Hofmann-Wellenhof, Bernhard... ISBN: 9783211835340 List Price: $109.00
Automotive Service Basics by Remling, John, Patten, Dona... ISBN: 9780130898685 List Price: $122.20
Mercedes-Benz 1974-1984 (Chilton's Repair & Tune-Up Guides) by Chilton Book Company, Chilt... ISBN: 9780801974632 List Price: $18.95
Transportation With InfoTrack by Coyle, John J., Bardi, Edwa... ISBN: 9780324202144 List Price: $218.95
Wooden Boat Renovation New Life for Old Boats Using Modern Methods by Trefethen, Jim ISBN: 9780070652392 List Price: $29.95
Automotive Service Management by Rezin, Andrew A. ISBN: 9780131998636 List Price: $98.00
Air Transportation by Kane, Robert M., Vose, Alla... ISBN: 9780840340498 List Price: $25.95
Airline: A Strategic Management Simulation by Smith, Jerald R., Golden, P... ISBN: 9780130208019 List Price: $22.00
Railways of the Raj - Michael Satow - Hardcover by Satow, Michael, Desmond, Ray ISBN: 9780814778166 List Price: $35.00
Service Consultant Working In An Automotive Facility by Garner, Ronald A., Garner, ... ISBN: 9781401879907 List Price: $87.95
Painting for Collision Repair by Crandell, Michael ISBN: 9780766809055 List Price: $113.95
Private Pilot FAA Airmen Knowledge Test Guide for Computer Testing by Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780884873068 List Price: $18.49
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