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If you are studying transportation at college and you want to know more about automotive topics, you are in the best place to get some discounted deals. Buy cheap repair and maintenance textbooks here now and enjoy massive discounted prices compared to what you'd usually pay. Look for titles including Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach, Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis, Auto Body Repair Technology and Today's Technician: Basic Automotive Service and Systems. These are just a few of the many titles we have available, all affordable and all pre-owned for your convenience. You can also rent used repair and maintenance textbooks from us, and sell your repair and maintenance books back when you're done with them. With so many options and opportunities to take advantage of, you can enjoy the ability you have to use our site to buy or rent the books you need, or to sell the ones you want to get rid of.

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Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles by Johanson, Chris, Duffy, Jam... ISBN: 9781619606838 List Price: $106.64
Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning by Birch, Tom, Duvic, Martin ISBN: 9780132551533 List Price: $160.80
Today's Technician: Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning by Schnubel, Mark ISBN: 9781428383241 List Price: $132.95
Techone Basic Automotive Service And Maintenance by Knowles, Don, Erjavec, Jack ISBN: 9781401852085 List Price: $128.95
Automotive Service Basics by Remling, John, Patten, Dona... ISBN: 9780130898685 List Price: $122.20
Math for the Automotive Trade by Peterson, John C., deKryger... ISBN: 9781111318239 List Price: $168.95
Automotive Engine Repair And Rebuilding by Rehkopf, Jeffrey J., Chart,... ISBN: 9780130482051 List Price: $138.80
Motor Auto Body Repair: Student Technician's Manual by Duffy, James E. ISBN: 9781418073541 List Price: $57.95
Automotive Service Management by Rezin, Andrew A. ISBN: 9780131998636 List Price: $98.00
The Car Care Book by Haefner, Ronald G. ISBN: 9781428342958 List Price: $115.95
NATEF Standrads Job Sheets Area A5, 3E by Erjavec, Jack ISBN: 9781435483200 List Price: $34.95
Modern Automotive Technology by Duffy, James E. ISBN: 9781590701867 List Price: $78.00
NATEF Standards Job Sheets Area A7 by Erjavec, Jack ISBN: 9781435483224 List Price: $32.95
NATEF Correlated Job Sheets for Automotive Chassis Systems by Halderman, James D. ISBN: 9780132384889 List Price: $26.67
I-Car Professional Automotive Collision Repair by Duffy, James E. ISBN: 9780766813984 List Price: $183.95
NATEF Standards Job Sheets Area A6, 3E by Erjavec, Jack ISBN: 9781435483217 List Price: $32.95
Estimating for Collision Repair by Crandell, Michael ISBN: 9780766808911 List Price: $113.95
NATEF Standards Job Sheets Area A1 by Erjavec, Jack ISBN: 9781435483163 List Price: $34.95
Automotive Excellence by McGraw-Hill Staff ISBN: 9780078744129 List Price: $58.20
Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems by Kershaw, John F., Halderman... ISBN: 9780132388849 List Price: $84.60
NATEF Correlated Task Sheets for Automotive Engine Performance by Halderman, James D. ISBN: 9780135093504 List Price: $33.33
Automotive Encyclopedia by Toboldt, William K., Johnso... ISBN: 9781590704226 List Price: $90.00
I-car Professional Automotive Collision Tech Manual by Duffy, James E. ISBN: 9780766813991 List Price: $49.95
Auto Diagnosis, Service, and Repair by Stockel, Martin W., Stockel... ISBN: 9781566379106 List Price: $92.00
Automotive Electronics and Computer Systems by Brady Games Staff ISBN: 9780137443277 List Price: $86.60
Understanding Motor Controls by Herman, Stephen L. ISBN: 9781401890162 List Price: $152.95
Study Guide for Introduction to Automotive Service by Halderman, James D., Deeter... ISBN: 9780132988278
NATEF Correlated Job Sheets for Automotive Steering, Suspension, and Alignment by Halderman, James D. ISBN: 9780132229074 List Price: $27.60
Automotive Excellence by McGraw-Hill-Glencoe Staff ISBN: 9780028313641 List Price: $74.00
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