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Oil-for-Food Program : Tracking the Funds: Congressional Hearing by Hyde, Henry J. ISBN: 9780756748432 List Price: $25.00
Modern Well Test Analysis A Computer-Aided Approach by Horne, Roland N. ISBN: 9780962699207 List Price: $21.00
Finite Elements in Fluids by Chung, T. J. ISBN: 9780891168508 List Price: $350.00
Petroleum Geology of NW Europe by Brooks, J., Glennie, K. W. ISBN: 9780860107033 List Price: $581.50
European Oil and Gas Conference A Multidisciplinary Approach in Exploration and Production R... by Imariseo, G., Frias, M., Be... ISBN: 9781853336225 List Price: $279.00
Basin Analysis in Petroleum Exploration A Case Study from the Bekes Basin, Hungary by Teleki, Paul G. ISBN: 9780792330141 List Price: $213.00
Catalysis in Petrochemical Processes by Matar, Sami, Mirbach, Manfr... ISBN: 9789027727213 List Price: $251.00
Advances in Reservoir Geology by Ashton, M. ISBN: 9780903317849 List Price: $84.00
K.D. Malaviya and the Evolution of India's Oil Policy by Kaul, H. N. ISBN: 9788170232698 List Price: $36.00
Major Chemical and Petrochemical Companies of Europe 1989/90 by Whiteside, R. M. ISBN: 9781853333767 List Price: $322.00
Hydrogen Sulfide in Production Operations by Skinner, David, Longley, Ma... ISBN: 9780886981112 List Price: $15.00
Heavy Crude Oil Recovery by Okandan, Ender ISBN: 9789024729517 List Price: $269.00
Petroleum Basin Studies by Shannon, P. M., Naylor, D. ISBN: 9780860107804 List Price: $317.00
Petroleum Products Instability and Incompatibility by Mushrush, George W., Speigh... ISBN: 9781560322979 List Price: $169.95
Petroleum Geology by North, F. K. ISBN: 9780412538308 List Price: $69.50
New Oil Stakes by Chevalier, Jean-Marie, Rock... ISBN: 9780846411826 List Price: $22.95
Oil Market in the 1990s Challenges for the New Era by Reed, Robert G., III, Fesha... ISBN: 9780813308197 List Price: $53.00
Oil and Gas Accounting by Brock, Horace R., Klingsted... ISBN: 9780940966154 List Price: $29.95
Oil and Class Struggles by Turner, Terisa E., Nore, Peter ISBN: 9780905762272 List Price: $15.00
Orientation for Offshore Crane Operations by Haggard, Russell ISBN: 9780886980429 List Price: $14.00
Oil, Gas and Government: The U.S. Experience by Bradley, Robert L., Jr. ISBN: 9780847681082 List Price: $131.50
Mobile Production Systems of the World by Oilfield Publications Limit... ISBN: 9781870945660 List Price: $355.00
Inclusion Compounds: Key Organic Host Systems, Vol. 4 by Atwood, Jerry L., Davies, J... ISBN: 9780198552925 List Price: $110.00
Basic Tools and Equipment for the Oil Field by Paxson, Jeanette R., Wilson... ISBN: 9780886981006 List Price: $17.00
Finding and Using Oil (Why Science Matters) by Coad, John ISBN: 9781432918484 List Price: $9.49
Geology of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Fields by Norwegian Petroleum Society... ISBN: 9780860109082
World of Petroleum by Deshpande, B. G. ISBN: 9788122403701 List Price: $36.00
Unit II - Normal Drilling Operations Testing and Completing Lesson 5 by Longley, Mark, Wilson, Kay,... ISBN: 9780886981204 List Price: $16.00
Venezuela The Political Economy of Oil by Boue, Juan Carlos ISBN: 9780197300121 List Price: $74.00
Oil and Gas Accounting: University Edition by Brock, Horace R., Klingsted... ISBN: 9780940966062 List Price: $29.95
Heavy Hydrocarbon Resources Characterization, Upgrading, and Utilization by Nomura, Masakatsu, Rahimi, ... ISBN: 9780841238794 List Price: $188.00
'mackenzie Pipeline by Pearse, Peter H. ISBN: 9780771099076 List Price: $32.95
Migration of Hydrocarbons in Sedimentary Basins by Doligez, B. ISBN: 9782710805403 List Price: $149.00
United States Foreign Oil Policy Since World War I For Profits And Security by Randall, Stephen J. ISBN: 9780773529229 List Price: $29.95
Energy Two Thousand: A Global Strategy for Sustainable Development by World Commission on Environ... ISBN: 9780862327118
Military Reform A Reference Handbook by Korb, Lawrence J., Wheeler,... ISBN: 9780275993498 List Price: $55.00
Crude Designs : The Rip-off of Iraq's Oil Wealth by Muttitt, Greg ISBN: 9781422306147 List Price: $20.00
Learning Package for Industry : Petrochemical by Center for Occupational Res... ISBN: 9781555022686 List Price: $95.00
Manual of Oil and Gas Terms by Williams, Howard, Meyers, C... ISBN: 9780256200010 List Price: $34.95
Fundamentals of Energy Engineering by Thumann, Albert ISBN: 9780685076897 List Price: $36.00
Fundamentals of Formation Evaluation by Helander, Donald P. ISBN: 9780685076453 List Price: $48.00
Petroleum Engineering Practice Problem Manual by Goldstein, David S., Jones,... ISBN: 9780932276940 List Price: $24.50
Petroleum Industry Inspection Technology : Topical Proceedings, Houston, TX, June 20-22, 1989 by American Society for Nondes... ISBN: 9780931403873 List Price: $19.00
Increible Historia de la Opep : L'Etonnante Histoire Delopep by Terzian, Pierre, Tamayo, Jo... ISBN: 9780939573080 List Price: $9.95
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