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Oil Windfalls Blessing or Curse by Gelb, Alan H. ISBN: 9780195207743 List Price: $72.00
Oil, Turmoil and Islam in the Middle East by Ali, Sheikh R. ISBN: 9780275921354 List Price: $106.95
Opec Behavior and World Oil Prices by Griffin, James M., Teece, D... ISBN: 9780043381021 List Price: $34.95
Open-Hole Logging by Reynolds, Jeanette, McCann,... ISBN: 9780886981082 List Price: $15.00
Orientation for Offshore Crane Operations by Haggard, Russell ISBN: 9780886980429 List Price: $14.00
Refining Petroleum A Project of the Education Division of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society S... ISBN: 9780716740384 List Price: $26.30
Report on Gasoline Pricing in California by Lockyer, Bill ISBN: 9780756713157 List Price: $25.00
Remote Sensing for Geologists A Guide to Image Interpretation by Prost, G. L. ISBN: 9782884491013 List Price: $140.00
Rotary, Kelly, Swivel, Tongs, and Top Drive by Davis, L. D., Bork, K. R., ... ISBN: 9780886981723 List Price: $16.00
Saudi Arabia Enters the Twenty-First Century by Cordesman, Anthony H. ISBN: 9780275980917 List Price: $137.95
Spanish Oil Industry Structural Change and Modernization by Correlje, Aad, Correlje, Co... ISBN: 9789051703092 List Price: $36.00
Testing and Completing Unit II Lesson 5 by Baker, Ron, Taylor, Lydia, ... ISBN: 9780886981211 List Price: $9.95
Turkey in the Middle East Oil, Islam, and Politics by Liel, Alon, Lotten, Emanuel ISBN: 9781555879099 List Price: $55.00
K.D. Malaviya and the Evolution of India's Oil Policy by Kaul, H. N. ISBN: 9788170232698 List Price: $36.00
Venezuela The Political Economy of Oil by Boue, Juan Carlos ISBN: 9780197300121 List Price: $74.00
Well Cementing by Cyrus, Cinda, Paxson, Jeane... ISBN: 9780886981129 List Price: $15.00
Well Logging in Hydrogeology by Chapellier, Dominique ISBN: 9789054102076 List Price: $97.00
Mathematical Theory of Oil and Gas Recovery With Applications to Ex-USSR Oil and Gas Fields by Bedrikovetsky, Pavel ISBN: 9780792323815 List Price: $299.00
Models of the Oil Market by Cremer, Jacques ISBN: 9783718650729 List Price: $31.95
Modern Well Test Analysis A Computer-Aided Approach by Horne, Roland N. ISBN: 9780962699207 List Price: $21.00
Multicomponent Seismology in Petroleum Exploration by Tatham, Robert H., McCormac... ISBN: 9781560800514 List Price: $97.00
Hydrogen Sulfide in Production Operations by Skinner, David, Longley, Ma... ISBN: 9780886981112 List Price: $15.00
European Communities Oil and Gas Technological Development Projects, Fourth Status Report by Joulia, J. P., Van Asselt, ... ISBN: 9781853334788 List Price: $264.00
European Oil and Gas Conference A Multidisciplinary Approach in Exploration and Production R... by Imariseo, G., Frias, M., Be... ISBN: 9781853336225 List Price: $279.00
Finite Elements in Fluids by Chung, T. J. ISBN: 9780891168508 List Price: $350.00
'mackenzie Pipeline by Pearse, Peter H. ISBN: 9780771099076 List Price: $32.95
Oil and Mexican Foreign Policy by Grayson, George W. ISBN: 9780822935742 List Price: $29.95
Carbonate Petroleum Reservoir by Roehl, P. O., Choquette, P. W. ISBN: 9780387960128 List Price: $175.00
Energy, Economics, And Politics in the Caspian Region Dreams And Realities by Crandall, Maureen S. ISBN: 9780275991302 List Price: $74.95
OPEC Behavior and World Oil Prices by Griffin, James M., Teece, D... ISBN: 9780043381038 List Price: $14.95
Migration of Hydrocarbons in Sedimentary Basins by Doligez, B. ISBN: 9782710805403 List Price: $149.00
Middle East Oil Exporters What Happened to Economic Development? by Askari ISBN: 9781845429096 List Price: $155.00
Military Reform A Reference Handbook by Korb, Lawrence J., Wheeler,... ISBN: 9780275993498 List Price: $55.00
Oil Makers - Jeffrey Share by Share, Jeffrey, Pratt, Joseph ISBN: 9780892633395 List Price: $29.95
Energy Two Thousand: A Global Strategy for Sustainable Development by World Commission on Environ... ISBN: 9780862327101
Energy Two Thousand: A Global Strategy for Sustainable Development by World Commission on Environ... ISBN: 9780862327118
Micropalaeontology in Petroleum Exploration by Jones, R. Wynn ISBN: 9780198540915 List Price: $210.00
Finding and Using Oil (Why Science Matters) by Coad, John ISBN: 9781432918484 List Price: $9.49
Finding and Using Oil (Why Science Matters) by Coad, John ISBN: 9781432918354 List Price: $32.86
Petroleum Geology of NW Europe by Brooks, J., Glennie, K. W. ISBN: 9780860107033 List Price: $581.50
Basic Tools and Equipment for the Oil Field by Paxson, Jeanette R., Wilson... ISBN: 9780886981006 List Price: $17.00
Oil, Dollars, Debt, and Crises: The Global Curse of Black Gold by El-Gamal, Mahmoud A., Jaffe... ISBN: 9780521896146 List Price: $88.00
Petroleum Politics+texas Railroad Comm. by Prindle, David F. ISBN: 9780292764897 List Price: $25.00
Heavy Hydrocarbon Resources Characterization, Upgrading, and Utilization by Nomura, Masakatsu, Rahimi, ... ISBN: 9780841238794 List Price: $188.00
Modelling of Stress Development & Fault Slip in & Around a Producing Gas Reservoir by Mulders, Franciscus Matheus... ISBN: 9789040724541 List Price: $51.00
Oil in Asia Markets, Trading, Refining, & Deregulation by Horsnell, Paul ISBN: 9780197300183 List Price: $99.00
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