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Bioremediation For Marine Oil Spills by Unknown ISBN: 9780756738785 List Price: $15.00
Libya The Political Economy of Oil by Gurney, Judith ISBN: 9780197300176 List Price: $60.00
International Petrochemical Industry Evolution and Location by Chapman, Keith ISBN: 9780631160984 List Price: $66.95
Hydrogen Sulfide in Production Operations by Skinner, David, Longley, Ma... ISBN: 9780886981112 List Price: $15.00
K.D. Malaviya and the Evolution of India's Oil Policy by Kaul, H. N. ISBN: 9788170232698 List Price: $36.00
Collocation Techniques for Modeling Compositional Flows in Oil Reservoirs by Allen, M. B., III ISBN: 9780387130965 List Price: $30.00
Basic Petroleum Geology by Link, Peter K. ISBN: 9780930972011 List Price: $40.00
Report on Gasoline Pricing in California by Lockyer, Bill ISBN: 9780756713157 List Price: $25.00
The Taxation of Petroleum and Minerals: Principles, Problems and Practice (Routledge Explora... by Daniel, Philip, Keen, Micha... ISBN: 9780415569217 List Price: $145.00
Trans-Alaska Pipeline : Actions to Improve Safety Are under Way by Unknown ISBN: 9780788129407 List Price: $20.00
Motor Gasoline Assessment : Spring 1997 by Unknown ISBN: 9780788148316 List Price: $25.00
U. S. Petroleum Industry : Past As Prologue, 1970-1992 by Unknown ISBN: 9780788108853 List Price: $40.00
Petroleum Encyclopedia International 1994 by Sckolnick, Lewis B. ISBN: 9781572056770 List Price: $325.00
Heavy Hydrocarbon Resources Characterization, Upgrading, and Utilization by Nomura, Masakatsu, Rahimi, ... ISBN: 9780841238794 List Price: $188.00
Oil in the World Economy by Ferrier, R. W., Fursenko, A. ISBN: 9780415003797 List Price: $79.50
Geostatistics Troia '92 by Soares, Amilcar ISBN: 9780792321576 List Price: $459.00
Modelling of Stress Development and Fault Slip in and around a Producing Gas Reservoir by F.M.M. Mulders ISBN: 9789040724541 List Price: $72.50
Military Reform A Reference Handbook by Korb, Lawrence J., Wheeler,... ISBN: 9780275993498 List Price: $55.00
Turkey in the Middle East: Oil, Islam, and Politics by Alon Liel ISBN: 9781555879099 List Price: $55.00
Petroleum Sedimentology by Zimmerle, Winfried, Zimmerl... ISBN: 9780792334187 List Price: $199.00
Dictionary of Petroleum Terms - Jodie Leecraft - Paperback by Leecraft, Jodie, Calderon, ... ISBN: 9780886980016 List Price: $13.95
Geology of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Fields by Norwegian Petroleum Society... ISBN: 9780860109082
Petroleum Politics+texas Railroad Comm. by Prindle, David F. ISBN: 9780292764897 List Price: $25.00
Oil Rig Moorings Handbook by Vendrell, J. ISBN: 9780851744957 List Price: $75.00
Oil in Troubled Waters Perceptions, Politics, and the Battle over Offshore Drilling by Freudenburg, William R., Gr... ISBN: 9780791418826 List Price: $29.95
Oil, Power, and Principle Iran's Oil Nationalization and Its Aftermath by Elm, Mostafa ISBN: 9780815626428 List Price: $17.95
Opec Behavior and World Oil Prices by Griffin, James M., Teece, D... ISBN: 9780043381021 List Price: $34.95
Orientation for Offshore Crane Operations by Haggard, Russell ISBN: 9780886980429 List Price: $14.00
Mathematical Theory of Oil and Gas Recovery With Applications to Ex-USSR Oil and Gas Fields by Bedrikovetsky, Pavel ISBN: 9780792323815 List Price: $299.00
Percolation Models for Transport in Porous Media With Applications to Reservoir Engineering ... by Selyakov, V. I., Kadet, V. V. ISBN: 9780792343226 List Price: $125.00
Petroleum Products Instability and Incompatibility by Mushrush, George W., Speigh... ISBN: 9781560322979 List Price: $169.95
Petroleum Geology by North, F. K. ISBN: 9780412538308 List Price: $69.50
Doomed to Cooperate American Foreign Policy in the Caspian Region by Menzel, Marcus ISBN: 9780820460710 List Price: $30.95
Advances in Reservoir Geology by Ashton, M. ISBN: 9780903317849 List Price: $84.00
Arithmetic for Rig Personnel by Holcomb, Eldon ISBN: 9780886981068 List Price: $10.00
Basic Electronics for the Petroleum Industry Unit I by Donaldson, Mark, Coenen, Ge... ISBN: 9780886981013 List Price: $15.00
Basic Electronics for the Petroleum Industry Unit IV by Donaldson, Mark, Coenen, Ge... ISBN: 9780886981044 List Price: $15.00
Major Chemical and Petrochemical Companies of Europe 1989/90 by Whiteside, R. M. ISBN: 9781853333767 List Price: $322.00
Dictionary of Petroleum Terms by Leecraft, Jodie, Calderon, ... ISBN: 9780886980009 List Price: $13.95
Models of the Oil Market by Cremer, Jacques ISBN: 9783718650729 List Price: $31.95
Nation's Oil A Story of Control by Corti, G., Frazer, F. ISBN: 9780844814667 List Price: $33.00
Venezuela The Political Economy of Oil by Boue, Juan Carlos ISBN: 9780197300121 List Price: $74.00
Superfund Liability And Taxes Petroleum Industry Shares In Their Historical Context by Perkins, Jody M., Jones, Ru... ISBN: 9780788137761 List Price: $30.00
Oil Market in the 1990s Challenges for the New Era by Reed, Robert G., III, Fesha... ISBN: 9780813308197 List Price: $53.00
Oil and Geopolitics in the Caspian Sea Region by Bulent Aras, Michael P. Cro... ISBN: 9780275963958 List Price: $125.00
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