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Technology and engineering students will be delighted to explore the wide range of books we stock on the subject. This page is dedicated to text books on the area of microwaves, so you can buy cheap microwaves textbooks to help you learn the ins and outs of this subject. We have books including Microwave Engineering, Microwave Devices and Circuits, Novel Technologies for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Applications and Troubleshooting and Repair for Microwave Ovens. As you can see, the one thing all these text books have in common is their pre-owned condition and affordable pricing structure. You can always find the cheapest deals when you look to buy or rent used microwaves textbooks from our marketplace. Remember it is also possible to sell your microwaves books back if you find you have copies you don't need. This is the best way to ensure you can look forward to some extra cash in your pocket.

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Microwave Components and Systems by Sander, Kenneth F. ISBN: 9780201145441 List Price: $39.95
Microwave Materials and Fabrication Techniques by Laverghetta, Thomas S. ISBN: 9780890061435 List Price: $60.00
Introduction to Control Systems Technology by Bateson ISBN: 9780675210102
Modern Microwave Circuits by Kinayman, Noyan, Aksun, Irsadi ISBN: 9781580537254 List Price: $149.00
Microwave Engineering by Ishii, T. Koryu ISBN: 9780155586581 List Price: $132.00
Microstrip Circuit Analysis by Schrader, David H. ISBN: 9780135885345
Analysis, Design and Applications of Fin Lines by Bhat, Bharathi, Koul, Shiba... ISBN: 9780890061954 List Price: $11.00
Computer Aided Design of Microwave Circuits by Gupta, K. C., Garg, Ramesh,... ISBN: 9780890061053 List Price: $196.00
Microwave Technology by Roddy, Dennis J. ISBN: 9780835943901 List Price: $71.00
Handbook of Microwave Integrated Circuits by Hoffman, R. K. ISBN: 9780890061633 List Price: $42.00
Microwave Devices and Circuits - Samuel Y. Liao - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Liao, Samuel Y. ISBN: 9780135816950 List Price: $60.00
Elements of Microwave Networks Basics of Microwave Engineering by Vittoria, Carmine ISBN: 9789810234249 List Price: $85.00
Intro.to Microwave Technology by Monaco, Fred ISBN: 9780675210300 List Price: $62.20
Microwave Facilities and Regulations by Kurcina, Edward ISBN: 9781560160236 List Price: $33.95
High-Power Microwave Effects and Systems : Companies-Products-Services by Unknown ISBN: 9781572058644 List Price: $195.00
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