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In today's world we are all exposed to electronic devices of some sort. There is no escaping them and they make up a large part of our lives! So whether you are studying electronics in order to pursue it as a potential career or just as matter of personal interest you are bound to learn plenty that you find useful for the rest of your life. We have a huge range of affordable electronics textbooks for you to browse through. The topics cover analysis and design of analog integrated circuits, computer design, digital fundamentals, microelectronics, digital signal processing and circuit theory. You can either browse through the books or if you know what you are looking for and have a college reading list just use the ISBN number to locate the exact books you want. You can choose where you want the books delivered to, whether it be your home address or your dorm. When you are finished with the electronics textbooks you can use our buyback service.

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Digital Systems Laboratory by Ziegler, William L. ISBN: 9781593991296
ECE 2031 by Hall-Twigg, Tyson ISBN: 9781593991586
Laser Technology in Microelectronics by Koleshko, V. M. ISBN: 9789810206024 List Price: $86.00
Semiconductor Physics : Proceedings of the 5th Brazilian School by Leite, J. R. ISBN: 9789810206130 List Price: $127.00
Quantum Theory of the Optical and Electronic Properties of Semiconductors by Koch, Stephan W., Haug, Har... ISBN: 9789810202491 List Price: $40.00
Power Electronics by Csaki, F., Ganszky, F., Ips... ISBN: 9789630535304
Theorie und Praxis der Linearen Integralaleichungen by Fenyo, Stefan, Stolle, Hans W. ISBN: 9783764311674
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics : Part A by Cremer, Ted ISBN: 9780123944221 List Price: $231.00
Electronics for You a Practical Course for GCSE by McLoughlin, Michael ISBN: 9780091730444
Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra, Adel S. ISBN: 9780030978050 List Price: $81.00
Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems by Allen ISBN: 9780030977329 List Price: $84.00
Elements of Power Electronics by Krein ISBN: 9780030977114 List Price: $73.00
Digital Microelectronics Integrated by Martin, Andrew ISBN: 9780030976810 List Price: $73.00
Design of Feedback Control Systems by Miron, Douglas B. ISBN: 9780155173705
Symposium on Electronic Phenomena in Chemisorption and Catalysis on Semiconductors by Wolkenstein, T., Hauffe, K. ISBN: 9783110008463 List Price: $50.00
Encapsultants, Apps Etc by ASE Staff ISBN: 9781870208024
Centrifuge Modelling for Civil Engineers by Madabhushi, Gopal ISBN: 9780415668248
Basic of Cleanroom Design by ICE Corporation Staff ISBN: 9781877750045 List Price: $585.00
Status, 1989 : A Report on the Integrated Circuit Industry by McClean, William J. ISBN: 9781877750052 List Price: $350.00
ASIC Outlook 1990 : An Application Specific IC Report and Directory by McClean, William J. ISBN: 9781877750021 List Price: $485.00
Visual Inspection Criteria for IC's and Hybrids : MIL-STD 883 Method 2010, Method 2017 by ICE Corporation Staff, Grif... ISBN: 9781877750038 List Price: $1,225.00
Profiles, 1997 : A Worldwide Survey of IC Manufacturers and Suppliers by McClean, Bill, Yancey, Trevor ISBN: 9781877750588 List Price: $1,245.00
Digital and Analog Controls by Needler, Marvin A., Baker, ... ISBN: 9781878907646 List Price: $101.00
Solid State Electronics : Text Notes by Maas, James W., Beaupre, Mi... ISBN: 9781878613202 List Price: $19.95
EOS - ESD 1997 Tutorial on "ESD On-Chip Protection in Advanced Technologies" by ESD Association Staff ISBN: 9781878303752 List Price: $75.00
Microcircuit Manufacturing Control Handbook : A Guide to Failure Analysis and Process Control by ICE Corporation Staff ISBN: 9781877750014 List Price: $345.00
Industrial Electronic Automation by Adamson ISBN: 9780827326354 List Price: $8.00
Industrial Electronic Automation by Adamson ISBN: 9780827326378 List Price: $33.28
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