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Are you a college student studying technology and engineering? Do you want to go into civil engineering? If you do, you'll need to buy cheap soil and rock textbooks from our collection of hundreds of popular titles. It's the best way to make sure you have the right number of books you need, as well as amassing the knowledge you need to pass your exams. Learn about Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices, or find out more from the Engineering of Foundations. Whatever area of this topic you need to find out about, we can help. Simply rent used soil and rock textbooks now to get the lowdown on this topic for your college course. We stock the cheapest soil and rock text books you'll find online today - we're confident of that! Just check our latest prices and you'll see why we say that. Try us now and save money.

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Engineering of Foundations by Salgado, Rodrigo ISBN: 9780072500585 List Price: $194.69
Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering by Holtz, Robert D., Kovacs, W... ISBN: 9780132496346
Soils and Foundations by Liu, Cheng, Evett, Ph.D., Jack ISBN: 9780135113905 List Price: $97.33
Soils in Construction by Dickenson, Stephen, Warring... ISBN: 9780130489173 List Price: $112.20
Environmental Geology by Spencer Edgar, Reichard, Jim ISBN: 9780073046808 List Price: $130.50
Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering by Das, Braja M. ISBN: 9780495296041 List Price: $166.95
Geological Engineering by Vallejo, Luis Gonzalez de ISBN: 9780415413527 List Price: $119.95
Experimental Rock Mechanics by Barton, Nick ISBN: 9780415394437 List Price: $157.95
Engineering Geology Rock in Engineering Construction by Goodman, Richard E. ISBN: 9780471544241 List Price: $165.95
Rock Failure Mechanisms: Illustrated and Explained by Hudson, John A., Tang, Chun'an ISBN: 9780415498517 List Price: $129.95
Introduction to the Physics of Rocks by Gueguen, Yves, Palciauskas,... ISBN: 9780691034522 List Price: $99.00
Engineering Geology of Melbourne Proceedings of the Seminar on Engineering Geology on Melbou... by Peck, William A., Neilson, ... ISBN: 9789054100836 List Price: $157.00
Soil Mechanics by Kalinski, Michael E. ISBN: 9780470556832 List Price: $69.95
Environmental and Engineering Geophysics by Sharma, Prem V. ISBN: 9780521576321 List Price: $105.00
Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering by Braja M. Das ISBN: 9780495295723 List Price: $269.95
Soil Mechanics by Das, Braja M. ISBN: 9780195367591 List Price: $69.95
Principles of Geotechnical Engineering by Das, Braja M. ISBN: 9780534551445 List Price: $209.95
Principles of Engineering Geology by Johnson, Robert B., DeGraff... ISBN: 9780471034360 List Price: $158.95
Geotechnical Engineering Foundation Design by Cernica, John N. ISBN: 9780471308874 List Price: $170.95
Geotechnical Engineering Principles and Practices by Coduto, Donald P. ISBN: 9780135763803 List Price: $165.00
Essentials of Soil Mechanics and Foundations Basic Geotechnics by McCarthy, David F. ISBN: 9780130303837 List Price: $102.00
Introduction to Soil Mechanics Laboratory Testing by Fratta, Dante, Roussel-Smit... ISBN: 9781420045628 List Price: $65.95
Principles of Geotechnical Engineering - SI Version by Das, Braja M. ISBN: 9780495411321 List Price: $198.95
Soil Mechanics and Foundations by Muni Budhu ISBN: 9780471431176
Soil Morphology, Genesis, and Classification by Fanning, Delvin Seymour, Ba... ISBN: 9780471892489 List Price: $159.95
Geotechnical Slope Analysis by Chowdhury, Robin N., Bhatta... ISBN: 9780415469746 List Price: $179.95
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