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The history of planet earth is a complex mix of devastating, amazing and everything in between. It's not a secret that society and history is constantly molded and shaped by the many characters that make up the fabric of daily life. How amazing is it that you could be sitting at a ballgame in the summer sun and be surrounded all at once by a mix of heroes, scoundrels, innovators, entertainers, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs and doctors? They all contribute to society's fabric in one way or another, affecting the way laws are developed, social norms are established, hopes formed and peace established. Social Studies textbooks will provide you all sorts of information on Social Studies, and just may reveal that a happy society is one in which people can save money! To keep the peace, we offer cheap college textbooks for those who could use a couple extra bucks in their pockets. Used textbooks are a great alternative to expensive new books found in campus bookstores. Plus, it is much more convenient to have your Social Studies textbooks delivered to your dorm room, apartment or home. Never in the history of the earth has it been exciting to stand in line for hours, waiting to purchase overpriced college textbooks. To find the book you are searching for, browse our extensive collection of Social Studies textbooks. Make sure the ISBN number for your assigned book, matches up with the book you have found in our catalog.

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Social Deviance : Social Policy, Action and Research by Wilkins, Leslie T. ISBN: 9781138861374
Food Fight : Struggling for Justice in a Hungry World by Herlinger, Chris, Jeffrey, ... ISBN: 9781596272668
Grandma's Collection : Your First Years of Life by Karen, Horsted ISBN: 9781680970142 List Price: $23.99
Gypsy Economy : Romani Livelihoods and Notions of Worth in the 21st Century by Brazzabeni, Micol, Cunha, M... ISBN: 9781782388791 List Price: $90.00
Social Work, Marriage, and Ethnicity : Policy and Practice by Fairfax, Colita ISBN: 9781138932173
From World City to the World in One City : Liverpool Through Malay Lives by Bunnell, Tim ISBN: 9781118827734 List Price: $34.95
Psychology of the Normal and the Subnormal by Goddard, Henry Herbert, Hen... ISBN: 9781138874879
Song of the Mekong River : Vietnam by Choi, Na-mi, Jo, Sinae, Cow... ISBN: 9781925246537
Song of the Mekong River : Vietnam by Choi, Na-mi, Jo, Sinae, Cow... ISBN: 9781925246018
Where Are You, Sun Bear? : Malaysia by Choi, Eun-Mi, Noh, Seong-bi... ISBN: 9781925246025
I Am a Little Monk : Thailand by Joo, Mi-hwa, Gahng, Hwa-kye... ISBN: 9781925246582
I Am a Little Monk : Thailand by Joo, Mi-hwa, Gahng, Hwa-kye... ISBN: 9781925246063
Admission to Residential Care by **Nfa**, Frank Hall, Brearl... ISBN: 9781138867413
Haters, Baiters and Would-Be Dictators : Anti-Semitism and the UK Far-Right by Toczek, Nick ISBN: 9781138853508 List Price: $52.95
Man in Africa by Douglas, Mary, Kaberry, Phy... ISBN: 9781138861763
Communal Violence, Forced Migration and the State : Gujarat since 2002 by Lokhande, Sanjeevini Badigar ISBN: 9781107065444 List Price: $110.00
Landscape Archaeology by Gillings, Mark, Pollard, Jo... ISBN: 9780415704762
Digital Ethnography : Principles and Practice by Pink, Sarah, Horst, Heather... ISBN: 9781473902374
Digital Ethnography : Principles and Practice by Pink, Sarah, Horst, Heather... ISBN: 9781473902381
Re-Inventing the Media by Turner, Graeme ISBN: 9781138020702
Other Side of Italy : Immigration in a Changing Country by Pittau, Francesco ISBN: 9781634638364 List Price: $160.00
Role of the Public Bureaucracy in Policy Implementation in Five ASEAN Countries by Quah, Jon S. T. ISBN: 9781107545175 List Price: $69.99
Land of Ionia - Society and Economy in the Archaic Period by Greaves, Alan M. ISBN: 9781119025566 List Price: $34.95
Routledge Handbook of Law, Race and the Postcolonial by Ferreira da Silva, Denise, ... ISBN: 9780415823739
Dad's Favorite Cookie : Japan by Jeong, Gu-mi, Joo, Soon-kyo... ISBN: 9781925246001
Somali Piracy : A Criminological Perspective by Lindley, Jade ISBN: 9781472464569 List Price: $109.95
Philosophy of the Social Construction of Crime by Polizzi, David ISBN: 9781447327325
Practice of Eating by Warde, Alan ISBN: 9780745691718
Wolves in Blue : Bad Apples by Solomon, Aaron ISBN: 9781633185180 List Price: $4.98
Stranger : The Case of the Spokane Serial Killer by Lewis, Ron ISBN: 9781633184336 List Price: $14.95
Urbanization in Vietnam by Bousquet, Gisele ISBN: 9781138855731
Latecomers in the Global Economy by Storper, Michael, Thomadaki... ISBN: 9781138865877
Cultural Factors in Delinquency by Ahrenfeldt, R. H., Gibbens,... ISBN: 9781138861350
Return of Torture by Gardell, Mattias ISBN: 9780415814386
Preventing Violence in Australia: Policy, Practice and Solutions by Day, Andrew, Fernandez, Eph... ISBN: 9781862879942 List Price: $90.00
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