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The history of planet earth is a complex mix of devastating, amazing and everything in between. It's not a secret that society and history is constantly molded and shaped by the many characters that make up the fabric of daily life. How amazing is it that you could be sitting at a ballgame in the summer sun and be surrounded all at once by a mix of heroes, scoundrels, innovators, entertainers, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs and doctors? They all contribute to society's fabric in one way or another, affecting the way laws are developed, social norms are established, hopes formed and peace established. Social Studies textbooks will provide you all sorts of information on Social Studies, and just may reveal that a happy society is one in which people can save money! To keep the peace, we offer cheap college textbooks for those who could use a couple extra bucks in their pockets. Used textbooks are a great alternative to expensive new books found in campus bookstores. Plus, it is much more convenient to have your Social Studies textbooks delivered to your dorm room, apartment or home. Never in the history of the earth has it been exciting to stand in line for hours, waiting to purchase overpriced college textbooks. To find the book you are searching for, browse our extensive collection of Social Studies textbooks. Make sure the ISBN number for your assigned book, matches up with the book you have found in our catalog.

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Race Between Us : Racism - a Human Experience by Lett, Brenda, Lett, Brenda,... ISBN: 9780963154774 List Price: $19.99
Benjamin E. Mays Institute : Educating Young Black Males by Ali, Sadiq ISBN: 9781939930514 List Price: $15.95
Across the Seas : Australia's Response to Refugees: a History by Neumann, Klaus ISBN: 9781459686182 List Price: $39.99
It's Not Over : Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia, and Winning True Equality by Signorile, Michelangelo ISBN: 9780544705234 List Price: $14.95
Brain Beat : A Scientific and Evolutionary Perspective of Brain Health by Hoffmann, Michael ISBN: 9781682133194 List Price: $24.95
Lions Quest Skills for Growing - G5 : Together Times Classroom Set by Lions Clubs International F... ISBN: 9781560950776
Riding with the Blues : Behind the Badge at the Sarasota Police Department by Widmer, Jeff ISBN: 9780996498722 List Price: $3.99
Bomb in His Bed, the Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush by Farrell Rosen, Bruce ISBN: 9780991422449 List Price: $16.95
Women Creating Social Change : (First Edition) by Wall, Joanna, Wall, Joanna ISBN: 9781516500574
Megalithic Architectures of Europe by Laporte, Luc, Scarre, Chris... ISBN: 9781785700149
Principles of Retirement Planning by Kaplan Financial Education ... ISBN: 9781475429619
Human Diversity : Its Nature, Extent, Causes and Effects on People by Lamb, Bernard Charles ISBN: 9789814632355
Stepping in, Stepping Out : Creating Stepfamily Rhythm by Gold, Joshua M. ISBN: 9781556203312
Why Love Matters : Value-Based Human Governance by Gill, Scherto, Cadman, David ISBN: 9781433129285
Alligator Candy : A Memoir by Kushner, David ISBN: 9781451682601
Nonverbal Communication : (First Edition) by Yoshimura, Stephen, Yoshimu... ISBN: 9781516500208
Introduction to Victimology : (First Edition) by Cohn, Ellen ISBN: 9781516500185
Color for Profit by Cheskin, Louis ISBN: 9781632460349 List Price: $19.95
Ideology of Power and Power of Ideology in Early China by Pines, Yuri, Goldin, Paul, ... ISBN: 9789004299290 List Price: $149.00
Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion : Religion and Internet by Enstedt, Daniel, Larsson, G... ISBN: 9789004297951 List Price: $135.00
Oral History of the Yavapai by Harrison, Mike, Williams, J... ISBN: 9780816532544
Freedom Run : Colonization Through Reconstruction: United States History by Diaz, Jorge ISBN: 9780985084455 List Price: $19.95
Sociological Perspective by Brown, Sonia ISBN: 9781634879439
Geek Culture by Norlander, Kate, Sherman, E... ISBN: 9780692479308 List Price: $24.95
Lions Quest Skills for Growing - G4 : Together Times Classroom Set by Lions Clubs International F... ISBN: 9781560950769
Lions Quest Skills for Growing - G3 : Together Times Classroom Set by Lions Clubs International F... ISBN: 9781560950752
Lions Quest Skills for Action - HS : Making a Difference Classroom Set by Lions Clubs International F... ISBN: 9781560950875
Fairfax County Police Department 75th Anniversary : A Pictorial History, 1940-2015 by Courtney, Daniel P. ISBN: 9781934285275 List Price: $75.00
Investigations Kit Student Workbook : Third Edition by Curriculum Technology ISBN: 9781938087141 List Price: $39.95
Scorn by Hayes, David, Moyers, Kevin... ISBN: 9780990745938 List Price: $14.99
Old Silver by Brookins, Carl ISBN: 9780985390662
Clinton County ARC, Past and Present by Calabro, Marian ISBN: 9780976833130
Lions Quest Skills for Adolesence - G7 : Changes and Challenges Classroom Set by Lions Clubs International F... ISBN: 9781560950851
Lions Quest Skills for Adolesence - G8 : Changes and Challenges Classroom Set by Lions Clubs International F... ISBN: 9781560950868
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