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The history of planet earth is a complex mix of devastating, amazing and everything in between. It's not a secret that society and history is constantly molded and shaped by the many characters that make up the fabric of daily life. How amazing is it that you could be sitting at a ballgame in the summer sun and be surrounded all at once by a mix of heroes, scoundrels, innovators, entertainers, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs and doctors? They all contribute to society's fabric in one way or another, affecting the way laws are developed, social norms are established, hopes formed and peace established. Social Studies textbooks will provide you all sorts of information on Social Studies, and just may reveal that a happy society is one in which people can save money! To keep the peace, we offer cheap college textbooks for those who could use a couple extra bucks in their pockets. Used textbooks are a great alternative to expensive new books found in campus bookstores. Plus, it is much more convenient to have your Social Studies textbooks delivered to your dorm room, apartment or home. Never in the history of the earth has it been exciting to stand in line for hours, waiting to purchase overpriced college textbooks. To find the book you are searching for, browse our extensive collection of Social Studies textbooks. Make sure the ISBN number for your assigned book, matches up with the book you have found in our catalog.

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SOC by Witt, Jon ISBN: 9780073528243 List Price: $69.69
Psychology of Blacks by White, Joseph L., Ajamu, Ad... ISBN: 9780131827738 List Price: $36.00
Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture by de Blij, Harm J., Fouberg, ... ISBN: 9780470382585 List Price: $146.95
Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology by Ferraro, Gary, Ferraro, Gar... ISBN: 9780495507369 List Price: $40.95
Analyzing Social Problems Essays and Exercises by Dunn, Dana S., Waller, Davi... ISBN: 9780130832283 List Price: $42.80
Introduction To Corrections by Birzer, Michael L., Roberso... ISBN: 9781928916260 List Price: $111.95
Conformity and Conflict, Special Version by McCurdy, David W., Spradley... ISBN: 9780205541294 List Price: $50.80
Human Universals by Brown, Donald E. ISBN: 9780070082090
Exploring Socio-Cultural Themes in Education Readings in Social Foundations by Strouse, Joan H. ISBN: 9780130164544 List Price: $60.00
Criminology: Theories, Patterns, and Typologies by Siegel, Larry J. ISBN: 9780495600138 List Price: $165.95
Standardized Survey Interviewing Minimizing Interviewer Related Error by Fowler, Floyd J., Mangione,... ISBN: 9780803930933 List Price: $59.95
Eyes Wide Open Looking for God in Popular Culture by Romanowski, William D. ISBN: 9781587432019 List Price: $21.99
Adventures in Social Research Data Using SPSS 14.0 And 15.0 for Windows by Zaino, Jeanne, Babbie, Earl... ISBN: 9781412940832 List Price: $49.95
Sociological Odyssey: Contemporary Readings in Introductory Sociology by Adler, Patricia A., Adler, ... ISBN: 9780495598145 List Price: $79.95
World Poverty Global Inequality and the Modern World System by Kerbo, Harold R. ISBN: 9780073042954 List Price: $58.44
Greek Society by Frost, Frank J. ISBN: 9780669416954 List Price: $89.95
Women and the Economy: Family, Work, and Pay by Hoffman, Saul D., Averett, ... ISBN: 9780321410948 List Price: $130.60
Sociologists in Action : Sociology, Social Change, and Social Justice by White, Shelley, White, Jona... ISBN: 9781412982832
Visualizing Social Science Research: Maps, Methods, & Meaning by Wheeldon, Johannes, Ahlberg... ISBN: 9781412991049 List Price: $29.95
Victimology A Study of Crime Victims and Their Roles by Sgarzi, Judith M., McDevitt... ISBN: 9780134372860 List Price: $66.40
Case Studies in Sport Communication by Brown, Robert S., O'Rourke,... ISBN: 9780275975319 List Price: $33.95
Dine A History of the Navajos by Iverson, Peter, Roessel, Monty ISBN: 9780826327154 List Price: $24.95
Nuer Religion by Evans-Pritchard, Edward E. ISBN: 9780198740032 List Price: $39.95
Disaster Recovery by Phillips, Brenda ISBN: 9781420074208 List Price: $69.95
Justice and the Politics of Difference by Young, Iris Marion ISBN: 9780691023151 List Price: $29.95
Social Research An Evolving Process by McTavish, Donald G., Loethe... ISBN: 9780205337446 List Price: $101.20
Working Sociological Perspectives by Rothman, Robert A. ISBN: 9780136218142 List Price: $121.60
Introducing Anthropology by Park, Michael Alan ISBN: 9780073405254 List Price: $102.41
Annual Editions: Sociology 09/10 by Finsterbusch, Kurt ISBN: 9780078127724 List Price: $36.88
Mathematics With Applications In the Management, Natural, And Social Sciences by Hungerford, Thomas W., Lial... ISBN: 9780321334336 List Price: $162.67
Cinematic Sociology: Social Life in Film by Sutherland, Jean-Anne, Felt... ISBN: 9781412960465 List Price: $38.95
Dobe Ju/'Hoansi by Lee, Richard B. ISBN: 9780155063334 List Price: $44.95
Encounter World Regional Geography by Rowntree, Lester, Lewis, Ma... ISBN: 9780321681751 List Price: $17.80
Choices in Relationships: Introduction to Marriage and the Family by Knox, David, Schacht, Caroline ISBN: 9780495808435 List Price: $159.95
Feminist Philosophy Reader by Bailey, Alison, Cuomo, Chris ISBN: 9780073407395 List Price: $57.81
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