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The history of planet earth is a complex mix of devastating, amazing and everything in between. It's not a secret that society and history is constantly molded and shaped by the many characters that make up the fabric of daily life. How amazing is it that you could be sitting at a ballgame in the summer sun and be surrounded all at once by a mix of heroes, scoundrels, innovators, entertainers, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs and doctors? They all contribute to society's fabric in one way or another, affecting the way laws are developed, social norms are established, hopes formed and peace established. Social Studies textbooks will provide you all sorts of information on Social Studies, and just may reveal that a happy society is one in which people can save money! To keep the peace, we offer cheap college textbooks for those who could use a couple extra bucks in their pockets. Used textbooks are a great alternative to expensive new books found in campus bookstores. Plus, it is much more convenient to have your Social Studies textbooks delivered to your dorm room, apartment or home. Never in the history of the earth has it been exciting to stand in line for hours, waiting to purchase overpriced college textbooks. To find the book you are searching for, browse our extensive collection of Social Studies textbooks. Make sure the ISBN number for your assigned book, matches up with the book you have found in our catalog.

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Diversity in Families (9th Edition) (MyFamilyKit Series) by Baca Zinn, Maxine, Eitzen, ... ISBN: 9780205693078 List Price: $129.40
Organizations Structure, Processes, and Outcomes by Hall, Richard, Tolbert, Pam... ISBN: 9780131849709 List Price: $77.40
Forecasting: Methods and Applications by Spyros G. Makridakis, Steve... ISBN: 9780471532330
Pop Dreams Music, Movies, and the Media in the 1960s by Loss, Archie K. ISBN: 9780155041462 List Price: $64.95
Anthropology: The Exploration of Human Diversity by Kottak, Conrad Phillip ISBN: 9780078116995 List Price: $147.81
Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspectives by Marger, Martin N. ISBN: 9781111186388 List Price: $161.95
Extraordinary Groups by Schaefer, Richard T., Zelln... ISBN: 9781429232241 List Price: $43.95
Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Human Services by Diller, Jerry V. ISBN: 9780840032256 List Price: $75.95
Law and Contemporary Corrections by Smith, Christopher E. ISBN: 9780534566289 List Price: $96.95
Gendered Lives by Wood, Julia T. ISBN: 9781428229952 List Price: $98.95
Technical English Writing, Reading, and Speaking by Pickett, Nell Ann, Laster, ... ISBN: 9780321003522 List Price: $119.60
Anthropology : What Does It Mean to Be Human? by Lavenda, Robert H., Schultz... ISBN: 9780190210847 List Price: $89.95
Social Research Methods by Dooley, David ISBN: 9780139554285 List Price: $156.40
Cengage Advantage Books: Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge by Haviland, William A., Walra... ISBN: 9780840033321 List Price: $93.95
Group Dynamics by Forsyth, Donelson R. ISBN: 9780495599524 List Price: $122.95
Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support by Berns, Roberta M. ISBN: 9780495603252 List Price: $99.95
Woman Doing Life : Notes from a Prison for Women by George, Erin, Johnson, Robe... ISBN: 9780199935888 List Price: $34.95
New Politics of Old Age Policy by Hudson, Robert B. ISBN: 9781421414874 List Price: $34.95
Principles and Methods of Social Research by Crano, William D., Brewer, ... ISBN: 9780415638562
Immigrant America : A Portrait by Portes, Alejandro, Rumbaut,... ISBN: 9780520274020
Law, Courts, and Justice by Abadinsky, Howard ISBN: 9781478611790 List Price: $64.95
Simple Statistics by Miethe, Terance D., Gauthie... ISBN: 9780195332544 List Price: $39.95
American Ethnicity: The Dynamics and Consequences of Discrimination by Turner, Jonathan H., Aguirr... ISBN: 9780073404219 List Price: $92.81
Modern Sociological Theory by Ritzer, George ISBN: 9780073404103 List Price: $107.19
Human Antiquity An Introduction to Physical Anthropology And Archaeology by Feder, Kenneth L., Park, Mi... ISBN: 9780073041964 List Price: $123.13
20th Century Dress in the U.s. by Farrell-Beck, Jane, Parsons... ISBN: 9781563674150 List Price: $68.00
The Gebusi: Lives Transformed in a Rainforest World by Knauft, Bruce M. ISBN: 9780073405377 List Price: $42.50
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