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Riot, Rout and Tumult: Readings in American Social and Political Violence by Lane, Roger, Turner, John J... ISBN: 9780819126665
Violence in Developing Countries: War, Memory, Progress by Christopher Cramer Dr ISBN: 9780253349231 List Price: $65.00
Youth Violence by Apter, David E. ISBN: 9780205142675 List Price: $62.95
Stopping a Stalker: A Cop's Guide to Making the System Work for You by Snow, R. L. ISBN: 9780306457852 List Price: $27.00
Rethinking Violence by Bufacchi, Vittorio ISBN: 9780415613439
Gender and Violence in the Middle East by Ennaji, Moha, Sadiqi, Fatima ISBN: 9780415594103
Why We Watch : Violence As Entertainment by Goldstein, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780415919067
Women, War, Violence and Learning by Mojab, Shahrzad ISBN: 9780415559867 List Price: $125.00
Violence by Fox, Levin ISBN: 9780673990761 List Price: $5.00
Response to Rape : Detours on the Road to Equal Justice by Unknown ISBN: 9780934393652 List Price: $24.95
Reload : Rethinking Violence in American Life by Strain, Christopher B. ISBN: 9780826517418 List Price: $49.95
Terrorism, Political Violence and World Order by Han, Henry H. ISBN: 9780819137401
Violence and Communication : Public Reactions to an Attempted Presidential Assassination by Mortensen, C. David ISBN: 9780819166876 List Price: $46.00
Violence in America by Gurr, Ted R. ISBN: 9780803932319 List Price: $72.00
Youth Culture and Violence : Congressional Hearing by Hyde, Henry J. ISBN: 9780756708818 List Price: $35.00
Freom Pain to Power : Crime Victims Take Action by Friedman, Lucy N., Tucker, ... ISBN: 9780756705183 List Price: $20.00
Questions and Answers in Lethal and Non-Lethal Violence : Proceeding of the Second Annual Wo... by Block, Carolyn R., Block, R... ISBN: 9780788114229 List Price: $50.00
Violence in Cornet City : A Problem-Solving Exercise by Kelly, Patricia, Moore, Mar... ISBN: 9780788124334 List Price: $15.00
Report of the Violence Prevention Advisory Task Force (Minnesota) by Unknown ISBN: 9780788125249 List Price: $25.00
Violence : Health Facts by Krantzler, Nora J., Miner, ... ISBN: 9780614066579 List Price: $12.95
Women, War, Violence and Learning by Mojab, Shahrzad ISBN: 9780415633963
Politics of Terrorism by Tan, Andrew T. H. ISBN: 9781857435795
Victims and Restorative Justice by Aertsen, Ivo, Vanfraechem, ... ISBN: 9780415810661
Gender, Agency and Violence: European Perspectives from Early Modern Times to the Present Day by Ulrike Zitzlsperger ISBN: 9781443850377 List Price: $75.99
Managing Conflicts in India: Policies of Coercion and Accommodation by Bidisha Biswas ISBN: 9780739187548 List Price: $75.00
Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire by Deary, Terry ISBN: 9781780226354
Languages of the Unheard: Why Militant Protest is Good for Democracy by Stephen D'Arcy ISBN: 9781783601622 List Price: $24.95
Ordinary Violence and Social Change in Africa by Bouju, Jacky, de Bruijn, Mi... ISBN: 9789004271555 List Price: $60.00
You Have No Choice by Lindsay, L. ISBN: 9780863325571
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