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Contemporary Urban Planning by Levy, John M. ISBN: 9780136025450 List Price: $113.00
Cities, Change, and Conflict by Kleniewski, Nancy, Thomas, ... ISBN: 9780495812227 List Price: $161.95
How the Other Half Lives by Riis, Jacob A., Riis, Jacob... ISBN: 9780312574017
Annual Editions: Urban Society, 15/e by Levine, Myron ISBN: 9780078050985
Urban Life and Society by Gold, Harry ISBN: 9780130216052 List Price: $118.00
Annual Editions: Urban Society, 14/e by Levine, Myron Alfred ISBN: 9780078127717 List Price: $36.88
Urban Life Readings in Urban Anthropology by Gmelch, George, Zenner, Wal... ISBN: 9780881338607 List Price: $28.95
The Evolution of Urban American Society by Chudacoff, Howard P., Smith... ISBN: 9780136015710 List Price: $83.80
Cities and the Health of the Public by Freudenberg, Nicholas, Gale... ISBN: 9780826515124 List Price: $34.95
American Urban Reader by Corey, Steven, Krissoff Boe... ISBN: 9780415803984
Urban Social Work An Introduction to Policy and Practice in the Cities by Phillips, Norma Kolko, Stra... ISBN: 9780205290192 List Price: $69.40
Cities, Change, & Conflict A Political Economy Of Urban Life by Kleniewski, Nancy ISBN: 9780495003700 List Price: $155.95
Experiencing Cities by Hutter, Mark ISBN: 9780205274512 List Price: $78.80
Philadelphia Negro A Social Study by Du Bois, W. E. B., Anderson... ISBN: 9780812215731 List Price: $19.95
Urban Enclaves Identity And Place in America by Abrahamson, Mark ISBN: 9780716706366 List Price: $27.95
Key Concepts in Urban Studies by Gottdiener, Mark, Budd, Leslie ISBN: 9780761940982 List Price: $42.95
Urban Geography by Kaplan, David, Holloway, St... ISBN: 9780471798156 List Price: $147.95
How the Other Half Lives (Norton Critical Editions) by Riis, Jacob, Diner, Hasia R. ISBN: 9780393930269 List Price: $15.00
The Lettered City (Post-Contemporary Interventions) by Rama, Angel, Chasteen, John ISBN: 9780822317661 List Price: $21.95
Urban Geography by Hall, Tim, Barrett, Heather L. ISBN: 9780415492324 List Price: $37.95
Smart Growth by Duany, Andres, Speck, Jeff,... ISBN: 9780071376754 List Price: $24.95
Religion in the Ancient Greek City by Zaidman, Louise Bruit, Pant... ISBN: 9780521423571 List Price: $36.99
Market Approach to Education An Analysis of America's First Voucher Program by Witte, John F., Jr. ISBN: 9780691089836 List Price: $28.95
Reading City Life by Marback, Richard, Bruch, Pa... ISBN: 9780321235169 List Price: $20.60
City Reader by Stout, Frederic, LeGates, R... ISBN: 9780415770842 List Price: $76.95
Urban America Processes and Problems by Levy, John M. ISBN: 9780132871112 List Price: $85.60
Comprehensive Urban Education by Kopetz, Patricia B., Lease,... ISBN: 9780205424160 List Price: $64.80
Managing Community Growth by Kelly, Eric Damian ISBN: 9780275978143 List Price: $33.95
Nothing, Nobody The Voices of the Mexico City Earthquake by Poniatowska, Elena, de Cama... ISBN: 9781566393454 List Price: $31.95
Urban Geography An Analytical Approach by Cadwallader, Martin ISBN: 9780133416374 List Price: $111.60
Racial Politics in American Cities by Browning, Rufus P., Marshal... ISBN: 9780321100351 List Price: $92.80
Los Angeles &The Future Of Urban Cultures A Special Issue Of American Quarterly by Villa, Raúl Homero, Sánchez... ISBN: 9780801882081 List Price: $21.95
Ghetto : Contemporary Global Issues and Controversies by Hutchison, Ray, Haynes, Bru... ISBN: 9780813345031
Cities and Sexualities by Hubbard, Phil ISBN: 9780415566476 List Price: $49.95
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