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Narratives in Social Science Research (Introducing Qualitative Methods series) by Barbara Czarniawska ISBN: 9780761941958 List Price: $72.00
New Approaches to Qualitative Research: Wisdom and Uncertainty by Savin-Baden, Maggi, Major, ... ISBN: 9780415572415 List Price: $42.95
Analyzing Quantitative Data From Description to Explanation by Blaikie, Norman W. ISBN: 9780761967590 List Price: $70.95
Qualitative Research Theory, Method and Practice by Silverman, David ISBN: 9780761949343 List Price: $67.95
Companion to Qualitative Research by Flick, Uwe, Von Kardoff, Er... ISBN: 9780761973751 List Price: $64.95
Field Casework Methods for Consulting to Small and Startup Businesses by Gundry, Lisa K., Buchko, Aa... ISBN: 9780803972001 List Price: $115.00
Comparative Methods by Ragin, Charles C., Rihoux, ... ISBN: 9781412942355 List Price: $38.95
Qualitative Researching by Mason, Jennifer ISBN: 9780761974277 List Price: $135.00
Approaches and Methodologies in the Social Sciences: A Pluralist Perspective by Della Porta, Donatella, Kea... ISBN: 9780521883221 List Price: $105.00
Surveys in Social Research by de Vaus, David, De Vaus, D. A. ISBN: 9780415268585 List Price: $49.95
Doing a Literature Review by Hart, Christopher ISBN: 9780761959748 List Price: $39.95
Feminist Approaches to Theory and Methodology An Interdisciplinary Reader by Hesse-Biber, Sharlene Nagy,... ISBN: 9780195125221 List Price: $49.95
Thinking About Program Evaluation by Berk, Richard A., Rossi, Pe... ISBN: 9780761917649 List Price: $128.00
Applied Research Design A Practical Guide by Hedrick, Terry E., Bickman,... ISBN: 9780803932333 List Price: $87.95
Making Sense of Social Research by Williams, Malcolm ISBN: 9780761964216 List Price: $97.95
Feminist Approaches to Theory and Methodology An Interdisciplinary Reader by Hesse-Biber, Sharlene Nagy,... ISBN: 9780195125214 List Price: $59.95
Embedded Case Study Methods Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Knowledge by Scholz, Roland W., Tietje, ... ISBN: 9780761919452 List Price: $146.00
Interviews in Qualitative Research by Horrocks, Christine, King, ... ISBN: 9781412912570 List Price: $39.95
Methods of Family Research by Greenstein, Theodore N. ISBN: 9781412916776 List Price: $64.95
Handbook of Action Research by Reason, Peter, Bradbury, Hi... ISBN: 9781412920308 List Price: $61.95
Qualitative Consumer and Marketing Research by Kozinets, Robert V., Fische... ISBN: 9780857027672
Approaches to Qualitative Research A Reader on Theory and Practice by Leavy, Patricia, Hesse-Bibe... ISBN: 9780195157758 List Price: $49.95
'Stretching' Exercises for Qualitative Researchers by Janesick, Valerie J. ISBN: 9780761928157 List Price: $56.95
Doing Qualitative Research Using Your Computer by Hahn, Chris ISBN: 9781412946933 List Price: $46.95
Experience Research Social Change Methods Beyond the Mainstream by Kirby, Sandra, Greaves, Lor... ISBN: 9781551930565 List Price: $24.95
Using Narrative In Social Research Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches by Elliott, Jane ISBN: 9781412900416 List Price: $43.95
Action Research for Teachers Traveling the Yellow Brick Road by Arhar, Joanne M., Holly, Ma... ISBN: 9780137692255 List Price: $38.00
Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation by Bloomberg, Linda Dale, Volp... ISBN: 9781412956505 List Price: $96.95
Working with Qualitative Data by Gibson, William, Brown, And... ISBN: 9781412945721 List Price: $50.95
Proposing Empirical Research A Guide to the Fundamentals by Patten, Mildred L. ISBN: 9781884585623 List Price: $36.95
Action Research by Stringer, Ernest T. ISBN: 9781412952224 List Price: $105.00
Qualitative Psychology by Smith, Jonathan ISBN: 9781412930833
Models For Intensive Longitudinal Data by Walls, Theodore A., Schafer... ISBN: 9780195173444 List Price: $69.95
Evaluating Information A Guide for Users of Social Science Research by Katzer, Jeffrey, Cook, Kenn... ISBN: 9780070343092
Essentials of Strategic Management by Charles W. L. Hill, Gareth ... ISBN: 9780618605361 List Price: $244.95
Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Entrepreneurship by NEERGAARD ISBN: 9781843768357 List Price: $215.00
Analyzing Social Settings by Lofland, John ISBN: 9780534006310
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