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Economics of Poverty and Discrimination - Bradley R. Schiller - Paperback - 4th ed by Schiller, Bradley R. ISBN: 9780132320344 List Price: $26.67
Betrayal of the Urban Poor by Slessarev, Helen ISBN: 9781566395427 List Price: $68.50
Beyond Welfare New Approaches to the Problem of Poverty in America by Rodgers, Harrell R., Jr. ISBN: 9780873324618 List Price: $47.95
Urban Poverty in Asia A Survey of Critical Issues by Pernia, Ernesto M. ISBN: 9780195867701 List Price: $60.00
Poverty in Affluence: The Social, Political and Economic Dimensions of Poverty in the United... by Will, Robert E., Vatter, Ha... ISBN: 9780155707511 List Price: $8.95
Framework Understanding & Working With Students & Adult from Poverty. by Payne, Ruby K. ISBN: 9780964743748 List Price: $18.95
From Emergency Employment to Social Investment Alleviating Poverty in Chile by Graham, Carol ISBN: 9780815732259 List Price: $9.95
Poverty and the Dual Economy by Tussing, A. Dale ISBN: 9780312633158 List Price: $19.95
Conquest of Poverty by Hazlitt, Henry ISBN: 9780819155177
Food Aid and Poverty Alleviation in Mozambique : The Potential for Self-Targeting with Yello... by Dorosh, Paul, Del Ninno, Ca... ISBN: 9781564011503 List Price: $7.00
Adjustment, External Shocks, and Poverty in Lesotho : A Multiplier Analysis by Dorosh, Paul A. ISBN: 9781564011718 List Price: $7.00
Poverty by Espejo, Roman ISBN: 9780737756623 List Price: $28.90
Poverty by Espejo, Roman ISBN: 9780737756630 List Price: $41.70
Casual Work and Poverty in Third World Cities by Bromlet, Ray, Gerry, Chris ISBN: 9780846415206
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