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Social Psychology of Poverty by Singh, Annup K. ISBN: 9788170992950
Acceptable Inequalities by Bowen, Ian ISBN: 9780773501010
Invisible Homeless: A New Urban Ecology by Ropers, Richard H. ISBN: 9780898854060 List Price: $32.95
Homelessness, Citizenship, and Identity The Uncanniness of Late Modernity by Arnold, Kathleen R. ISBN: 9780791461129 List Price: $21.95
Poor Pay More : Consumer of Low-Income Families by Caplovitz, David ISBN: 9780829026375
Poverty and Devotion in Mendicant Cultures 1200-1450 by Mews, Constant J., Welch, Anna ISBN: 9781472437327
Housing First : Ending Homelessness, Transforming Systems, and Changing Lives by Padgett, Deborah, Henwood, ... ISBN: 9780199989805 List Price: $29.95
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