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Empathy in the Global World: An Intercultural Perspective by Calloway-Thomas, Carolyn ISBN: 9781412957908 List Price: $78.95
Humanitarian Engineering by Mitcham, Carl, Munoz, David... ISBN: 9781608451517
Politics of Non-State Social Welfare by Cammett, Melani, MacLean, L... ISBN: 9780801452642 List Price: $79.95
Dictionary of Humanitarianism by Allen, Tim ISBN: 9781857432817 List Price: $230.00
Making It Count: A Guide To High-Impact Education Philanthropy by Chester E., Jr. Finn, Kelly... ISBN: 9780756719067 List Price: $25.00
Shaping the Humanitarian World (Global Institutions) by Peter Walker, Daniel G. Max... ISBN: 9780415773706 List Price: $145.00
Disease Prevention Through Vector Control by Madeleine C. Thomson ISBN: 9780855983062 List Price: $12.00
Compassion-Focused Therapy: An Introduction to Theory, Research and Practice by Gilbert, Paul ISBN: 9780415485333 List Price: $34.00
Visual Discourses of War: A Multimodal Approach by Machin, David, Abousnnouga,... ISBN: 9780415880404 List Price: $120.00
Dedicated Lives by O'Connell, Helen ISBN: 9780855981976 List Price: $7.95
The Awards Almanac: An International Guide to Career, Research, and Education Funds 1994 by Schmidt, George W., Ferrara... ISBN: 9781558623293 List Price: $98.00
The Oxfam Handbook of Development and Relief by Eade, Deborah, Williams, Su... ISBN: 9780855982737 List Price: $79.95
Foundation Guide for Religious Grant Seekers by Butler, Francis J., Farrell... ISBN: 9780891307563 List Price: $11.95
Women and Social Policy: An Introduction by Hallett, Christine ISBN: 9780133538892 List Price: $29.95
Social and Cultural Foundations in the Helping Professions by Collison, Brooke B., House,... ISBN: 9780205174478 List Price: $44.00
Field Directors Handbook : An Oxfam Guide for Development Workers by Pratt, Brian, Boyden, Jo ISBN: 9780855980733
Oxfam Report : It's Time for a Fairer World by Oxfam ISBN: 9780855981815
Introducing Oxfam by Gwynn, John ISBN: 9780855982027
Pictures of Oxfam : 50 Years for a Fairer World by Stamp, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780855982096
History of the Sir James Reckitt Charity by Charity, James R. ISBN: 9780785550976
Rating Relief for Charitable Organizations by Shaw and Sons Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780785522997
Tax Advantages of Charitable Contributions by Unknown ISBN: 9780138864668 List Price: $6.85
Risk-Based Capital Overview and Instructions for Fraternal Benefit Societies 2004 by Swanson, Dan ISBN: 9780893820787 List Price: $25.00
Compassionate Communalism : Welfare and Sectarianism in Lebanon by Cammett, Melani ISBN: 9780801452321 List Price: $79.95
Cultural Politics of Volunteer Tourism : Sentimental Sojourns in Northern Thailand by Mostafanezhad, Mary ISBN: 9781409469537 List Price: $109.95
The Donation Dialogs by Godfrey Harris ISBN: 9780935047783 List Price: $12.95
Caring : It's Not a Spectator Sport by Wagner, Lilya ISBN: 9780816328925
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