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New Media and Intercultural Communication : Identity, Community, and Politics by Cheong, Pauline Hope, Marti... ISBN: 9781433113659 List Price: $36.95
Media and Politics by Jamieson, Kathleen Hall, Am... ISBN: 9780761903000 List Price: $34.00
Press Freedom in Africa : Comparative Perspectives by Wasserman, Herman ISBN: 9780415539067
Policing Images by Mawby, Rob ISBN: 9780415627832
Politicization of Europe : Contesting the Constitution in the Mass Media by Statham, Paul, Trenz, Hans-... ISBN: 9780415635660
Press and Politics in the Sudan, 1920-45 by Abd al-Malik Babiker, Mahjoub ISBN: 9780863720529
Global Image Wars by Anden-Papadopoulos, Kari ISBN: 9780415570244
Media Reloaded by Mason-Jones, Hugh, Zeeng, A... ISBN: 9781107650817
Influence from Abroad : Foreign Voices, the Media, and U. S. Public Opinion by Hayes, Danny, Guardino, Mat... ISBN: 9781107035522 List Price: $85.00
Discourses on Immigration in Times of Economic Crisis: A Critical Perspective by Maria Martinez Lirola ISBN: 9781443840538 List Price: $84.99
Audiovisual Media and Identity Issues in Southeastern Europe by Pistrick, Eckehard, Scaldaf... ISBN: 9781443829304
Understanding Media Theory by Williams, Kevin ISBN: 9780340983263
Global Media : A Critical Introduction by Straubhaar, Joe, Kumar, Sha... ISBN: 9780415591874
Global Media : A Critical Introduction by Straubhaar, Joe, Kumar, Sha... ISBN: 9780415591867
Journalism and Society by McQuail, Denis ISBN: 9781446266793
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