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Gerontology is the study of aging. It comes from Greek, with 'geron' meaning old man, and 'logy' meaning the study of. It covers the study of physical, mental, social and spiritual changes in people as they age and the impacts on society of an aging population. The world's population as a whole is aging as people are living longer. This is a trend that is set to continue and will lead to an increased demand for professionals with an expertise in aging. This is where you will come in when you have completed your studies. To help you gain a good understanding of the topic we have a great range of cheap gerontology textbooks to buy or rent. All of our new and pre-owned cheap gerontology textbooks are in great condition. You can save yourself hours of wasted time in bookstore lines by ordering your gerontology textbooks here and we will mail them straight to your door. As you well know, life is too precious to waste time in lines at bookstores!

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How Old Are You? Age Consciousness in American Culture by Chudacoff, Howard P. ISBN: 9780691006215 List Price: $30.95
Geriatric Nursing & Healthy Aging by Ebersole, Priscilla, Hess, ... ISBN: 9780323010627 List Price: $42.95
Social Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Perspective by Hooyman, Nancy R., Kiyak, H... ISBN: 9780205336258 List Price: $90.67
Human Aging and Chronic Disease by Kart, Cary S., Metress, Eil... ISBN: 9780867203158 List Price: $67.95
Cognition, Stress, and Aging - James E. Birren - Hardcover by Birren, James E., Livington... ISBN: 9780131398252 List Price: $50.00
America's Older Population by Zopf, Paul E., Jr. ISBN: 9780881050561 List Price: $26.95
Combined Problems of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Aging by Gottheil, Edward, Druley, K... ISBN: 9780398050467 List Price: $58.75
Evolution of Death Why We Are Living Longer by Shostak, Stanley ISBN: 9780791469460 List Price: $29.95
Handbook of the Psychology of Aging by Birren, James E., Schaie, K... ISBN: 9780121012632 List Price: $78.95
Psychology of Ageing An Introduction by Stuart-Hamilton, Ian ISBN: 9781853022333 List Price: $27.00
Researching Ageing and Later Life by Anne Jamieson ISBN: 9780335208203 List Price: $45.98
Retirement Counseling A Practical Guide for Action by Myers, Jane E., Riker, Haro... ISBN: 9780891166283 List Price: $130.00
Teaching and Loving the Elderly by John, Martha T. ISBN: 9780398048129 List Price: $30.75
Social Theory, Social Policy and Ageing by Simon Biggs, Caroll Estes, ... ISBN: 9780335209071 List Price: $164.95
Aging:concepts+controversies by Moody, Harry R. ISBN: 9780803990982 List Price: $51.95
Life-Styles for Long Life Longevity in Bulgaria by Hadjihristev, Argir, Lesnof... ISBN: 9780398054830 List Price: $32.50
Introduction to Educational Gerontology by Sherron, Ronald H., Lumsden... ISBN: 9780891160571 List Price: $114.95
Jewish Elderly in the English-Speaking Countries by Guttmann, David L. ISBN: 9780313262401 List Price: $65.95
Cancer, Communication, and Aging (Health Communication) by Unknown ISBN: 9781572737556 List Price: $35.00
Older Workers in Europe by Chiva, Anthony, Manthorpe, ... ISBN: 9780335222759
Annual Editions by Cox, Harold ISBN: 9780073397603 List Price: $34.88
Adulthood and Aging - Jeanne L. Thomas - Hardcover by Thomas, Jeanne L. ISBN: 9780205133772 List Price: $61.00
Critical Approaches to Aging and Later Life by Jamieson, Anne, Harper, Sar... ISBN: 9780335197255 List Price: $43.95
Adult Development and Aging by Cavanaugh, John C. ISBN: 9780534116408 List Price: $53.95
Aging and Neuropsychological Assessment by LaRue, Asenath ISBN: 9780306440625 List Price: $94.00
Aging, the Individual, & Society by Barrow, Georgia M. ISBN: 9780314044440 List Price: $49.00
Aging, the Individual, & Society by Barrow, Georgia M., Shuttle... ISBN: 9780314933324 List Price: $47.25
Challenges of the 3rd Age Meaning and Purpose in Later Life by Weiss, Robert S., Bass, Sco... ISBN: 9780195133394 List Price: $74.00
Community Resources for Older Adults Programs and Services in an Era of Change by Wacker, Robbyn R., Roberto,... ISBN: 9780761987703 List Price: $87.95
Quality of Life in Old Age International and Multi-disciplinary Perspectives by Mollenkopf, Heidrun, Walker... ISBN: 9781402056819 List Price: $129.00
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Aging : Challenges in Research, Practice, and Policy by Witten, Tarynn M., Eyler, A... ISBN: 9781421403199 List Price: $60.00
Experimental Psychology, Cognition and Human Aging by Kausler, Donald H. ISBN: 9780387973272 List Price: $218.00
Adult Development and Aging by John M. Rybash, Paul A. Roo... ISBN: 9780697105035 List Price: $84.85
Year Book of Geriatrics and Gerontology, 1994 by Beck, John ISBN: 9780815106371 List Price: $66.95
Last Choice Preemptive Suicide in Advanced Age by Prado, C. G. ISBN: 9780275961503 List Price: $29.95
The Biology of Human Aging by Jr., John K. Hampton, Marga... ISBN: 9780697137838 List Price: $70.00
Limbo: A Memoir about Life in a Nursing Home by a Survivor by Carobeth Laird ISBN: 9780883165362 List Price: $22.50
Aging Concepts and Controversies by Moody, Harry R. ISBN: 9780761987680 List Price: $80.95
Ageing and Popular Culture by Blaikie, Andrew ISBN: 9780521645478 List Price: $38.99
Aging and the Life Course by Jill S. Quadagno ISBN: 9780072875362 List Price: $88.12
Older Women in Poverty: Private Lives and Public Policies by Amanda Smith Barusch ISBN: 9780826179609 List Price: $34.95
Growing Up and Growing Old: Ageing and Dependency in the Life Course by Hockey, Jenny, James, Allison ISBN: 9780803988330
Prevention And Treatment of Age-related Diseases by Rattan, Suresh, Kassem, Mou... ISBN: 9781402048845 List Price: $189.00
Medical Sociology and Old Age Towards a Sociology of Later Life by Higgs, Paul, Jones, Ian Rees ISBN: 9780415398602 List Price: $39.95
Health and Aging by Hickey, Tom ISBN: 9780818503740 List Price: $19.95
The Encyclopedia of Aging and the Elderly by F. Hampton Roy, Charles Rus... ISBN: 9780816018697 List Price: $50.00
Cognitive and Behavioral Performance Factors in Atypical Aging by Howe, M. L. ISBN: 9780387971292 List Price: $72.95
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