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Field Guide to Elves, Dwarves, and Other Magical Folk by Sautter, Aaron ISBN: 9781491406960
South and Meso-American Mythology A to Z by Bingham, Ann ISBN: 9780816048892 List Price: $40.00
Natural Enemies People-Wildlife Conflicts in Anthropological Perspective by Knight, John ISBN: 9780415224406 List Price: $120.00
Coyote Reader by Bright, William ISBN: 9780520080621 List Price: $23.95
Yew Tree A Thousand Whispers Biography of a Species by Hartzell, Hal, Jr., Rust, S... ISBN: 9780938493143 List Price: $19.95
Hieroglyphics of Horapollo by Boas, George, Niliacus, Hor... ISBN: 9780691000923 List Price: $19.95
Voices of the Winds: Native American Legends - Margot Edmonds - Paperback - REISSUE by Edmonds, Margot, Clark, Ell... ISBN: 9780816027491 List Price: $14.95
Truth of Broken Symbols by Neville, Robert Cummings ISBN: 9780791427422 List Price: $31.95
Promethean Politics of Milton, Blake, and Shelley by Lewis, Linda M. ISBN: 9780826208057 List Price: $34.95
Study of Folklore by Dundes, Alan ISBN: 9780138589448 List Price: $66.00
Popular Tales and Fictions by Clouston, William Alexander... ISBN: 9781576076163 List Price: $45.00
Heart of the Ngoni Heroes of the African Kingdom of Segu by Courlander, Harold, Sako, O... ISBN: 9780870239298 List Price: $17.95
Reconceptions in Philosophy and Other Arts and Sciences by Goodman, Nelson, Elgin, Cat... ISBN: 9780872200524 List Price: $39.95
Monsters Evil Beings, Mythical Beasts, and All Manner of Imaginary Terrors by Gilmore, David D. ISBN: 9780812237023 List Price: $28.95
Murasaki Shikibu The Tale of Genji by Bowring, Richard ISBN: 9780521832083 List Price: $63.00
Textkritik Als Problem Der Kulturwissenschaft Tristan-lekturen by Baisch, Martin ISBN: 9783110185683 List Price: $180.00
Aphrodite to Zeus: An Encyclopedia of Greek & Roman Mythology by Roman, Luke, Roman, Monica ISBN: 9780816083633 List Price: $21.95
Essays on a Science of Mythology: The Myths of the Divine Child and the Mysteries of Eleusis... by Jung, C. G., Kerenyi, Carl,... ISBN: 9780691098517 List Price: $14.00
Performance:texts+contexts by Stern, Carol S., Henderson,... ISBN: 9780801307874 List Price: $46.50
Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians by Swanton, John R., Lankford,... ISBN: 9780806127842 List Price: $19.95
Hero With a Thousand Faces by Campbell, Joseph ISBN: 9780691097435 List Price: $16.95
Enchanted Amazon Rain Forest Stories from a Vanishing World by Smith, Nigel J., Oppenheim,... ISBN: 9780813013770 List Price: $29.95
When They Severed Earth from Sky How the Human Mind Shapes Myth by Barber, Elizabeth Wayland ISBN: 9780691099866 List Price: $39.95
Echoes From Mount Olympus by Kee, Christian, Christian, ... ISBN: 9780789152763 List Price: $12.95
Oxford Companion to Australian Folklore by Davey, Gwenda B., Seal, Graham ISBN: 9780195530575 List Price: $55.00
Tales and Traditions and Other Essays Vol. 2 by Xiao, Yun ISBN: 9780887276460 List Price: $19.95
Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend by Mercatante, Anthony S. ISBN: 9780816010493 List Price: $104.50
Hero's Journey Toward a Second American Century by Salla, Michael E. ISBN: 9780275973735 List Price: $81.95
Vampires by Guiley, Rosemary Ellen ISBN: 9780791093986 List Price: $29.95
The Best of the Argonauts by Clauss, James J. ISBN: 9780520079250 List Price: $48.00
Folklore and Fascism by Lixfeld, Hannjost, Dow, Jam... ISBN: 9780253335128 List Price: $35.00
Bears of the World by Domico, Terry, Newman, Mark ISBN: 9780816015368 List Price: $29.95
German Folklore A Handbook by Dow, James R. ISBN: 9780313333750 List Price: $55.00
Atlas of the Mysterious in North America by Guiley, Rosemary Ellen ISBN: 9780816028764 List Price: $40.00
Legendary Hawai'i and the Politics of Place Tradition, Translation, and Tourism by Bacchilega, Cristina ISBN: 9780812239751 List Price: $49.95
Library of Congress American Folklife Center An Illustrated Guide by Hardin, James, Taylor, Davi... ISBN: 9780756747091 List Price: $30.00
Mesoamerican Myths by West, David, Newport, Kate,... ISBN: 9781404208148 List Price: $14.05
Social Construction Of Dementia Confused Professionals? by Harding, Nancy H., Palfrey,... ISBN: 9781853022579 List Price: $42.95
Women of Classical Mythology: A Biographical Dictionary by Bell, Robert E. ISBN: 9780874365818 List Price: $60.00
Breath on the Mirror Mythic Voices & Visions of the Living Maya by Tedlock, Dennis ISBN: 9780826318237 List Price: $21.95
American Folklore Studies An Intellectual History by Bronner, Simon J. ISBN: 9780700603138 List Price: $14.95
Jewish Magic and Superstition - Joshua Trachtenberg - Paperback by Trachtenberg, Joshua ISBN: 9780689702341
Myth and History in Ancient Greece The Symbolic Creation of a Colony by Calame, Claude, Berman, Dan... ISBN: 9780691114583 List Price: $45.00
Dictionary of Symbolism: Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them - Hans Biedermann - Har... by Biedermann, Hans, Hulbert, ... ISBN: 9780816025930 List Price: $49.50
Voyages in Cassical Mythology by Snodgrass, Mary Ellen ISBN: 9780874367348 List Price: $65.00
Pele And Hiiaka by Emerson, Nathaniel Bright, ... ISBN: 9780976450801 List Price: $18.95
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