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Dionysos : Origines et R�surgences by Zinguer, Ilana ISBN: 9782711614837
Kerygma and the Historical Jesus by Robinson, James M. ISBN: 9780227679968
Littérature Orale : Birmanie, Corée, Japon, Mongolie, Nouvelle-Calédonie by Coyaud, Maurice, Bernot, De... ISBN: 9782852970755
Ko le Fonu Tu'a Limulimua. la tortue au dos moussu LCP11 by Frimigacci, D., Keletaona, M. ISBN: 9782877231558
Homo Necans : Interpretationen altgriechischer Opferriten und Mythen by Burkert, Walter ISBN: 9783110038750 List Price: $106.15
Reliquienkult Im Altertum by Pfister, Friedrich ISBN: 9783110024531 List Price: $189.30
Studies in Jewish and World Folklore by Schwarzbaum, Haim ISBN: 9783110003932
Russian Fairy Tales by Kovacheva, N. N., Frolkina,... ISBN: 9780569090513 List Price: $50.00
Archaeology and Folklore by Gazin-Schwartz, Amy, Holtor... ISBN: 9780415518857
Images of the Wildman in Southeast Asia by Forth, Gregory ISBN: 9780415533485
Fables by Powys, Theodore F., Mitchel... ISBN: 9781869887414 List Price: $55.00
Lake Monster Traditions in the Old and New Worlds by Meurger, Michel, Gagnon, Cl... ISBN: 9781870021050
Tristan by Ulrich, Kerth, Thomas ISBN: 9783484201071
Eckenlied : Sämtliche Fassungen by Brévart, Francis B. ISBN: 9783484202115
Lannzilet : (Aus Dem "Buch der Abenteuer"), Str. 1-1122 by Füetrer, Ulrich, Lenk, Karl... ISBN: 9783484202023
British Mythology by Nardo, Don ISBN: 9781420508338 List Price: $34.10
Babylonian Mythology by Nardo, Don ISBN: 9781420508321 List Price: $34.10
Native American Mythology by Pearce, Q. L. ISBN: 9781420507164 List Price: $34.10
Mayan Mythology by Greenhaven ISBN: 9781420507478 List Price: $34.10
Crafting Infinity : Reworking Elements in Irish Culture by Cornish, T. Rory, Quintelli... ISBN: 9781443839877
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