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Annual Editions: Developing World 12/13 by Griffiths, Robert ISBN: 9780078051005
Population and Development by Gould, W. T. S., Gould, W. ... ISBN: 9780415354479
Economic Development by Nafziger, E. Wayne ISBN: 9780521765480 List Price: $115.00
Developing World 11/12 (Annual Editions : Developing World) by Griffiths, Robert ISBN: 9780078050725 List Price: $31.88
The Challenge of Third World Development by Handelman, Howard ISBN: 9780136054771 List Price: $77.00
Politics and Society in the Third World An Introduction by Calvert, Susan, Calvert, Peter ISBN: 9780133552317 List Price: $31.50
Comparative Politics of the Third World Linking Concepts and Cases by Green, December, Luehrmann,... ISBN: 9781588264633 List Price: $32.00
Internationalization of Capital by Marcussen, Henrik S., Torp,... ISBN: 9780905762906
Other World by Evans, Emmit B., Long, Dian... ISBN: 9780205642496 List Price: $80.20
Other World Issues and Politics of the Developing World by Weatherby, Joseph, Evans, E... ISBN: 9780321088796 List Price: $55.00
Adjustment With a Human Face Country Case Studies by Cornia, Giovanni A., Jolly,... ISBN: 9780198286110 List Price: $175.00
Samoan Planters by O'Meara, Tim ISBN: 9780030228476 List Price: $20.50
Partnership for International Development Rhetoric or Results? by Brinkerhoff, Jennifer M. ISBN: 9781588260697 List Price: $19.95
Politics And Society in the Developing World by Calvert, Peter, Calvert, Susan ISBN: 9781405824408 List Price: $53.20
Comparative Politics of the Third World Linking Concepts and Cases by Green, December, Luehrmann,... ISBN: 9781588261663 List Price: $32.00
Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries by Ellis, Frank, Buckwell, Ala... ISBN: 9780521395847 List Price: $74.00
Open Economy Tools for Policymakers in Developing Countries by Dornbusch, Rudiger, Helmers... ISBN: 9780195207095 List Price: $45.00
Spontaneous Shelter International Perspectives and Prospects by Patton, Carl V. ISBN: 9780877225072 List Price: $54.50
Technology, Learning, and Innovation Experiences of Newly Industrializing Economies by Kim, Linsu, Nelson, Richard R. ISBN: 9780521779876 List Price: $37.99
Five Small Open Economies by Findlay, Ronald, Wellisz, S... ISBN: 9780195208801 List Price: $79.20
Targeting Development Critical Perspectives on the Millennium Development Goals by Black, Richard, White, Howard ISBN: 9780415394659 List Price: $51.95
Beyond Food Production The Role of Agriculture Inpoverty Reduction by Bresciani ISBN: 9781847200754 List Price: $110.00
Economics of Development-text by Gillis, Malcolm, Perkins, D... ISBN: 9780393968514 List Price: $69.00
Collected Works of Michal Kalecki Developing Economies by Kalecki, Michal, Osiatynski... ISBN: 9780198286677 List Price: $199.00
Case Studies in Economic Development by Smith, Stephen C. ISBN: 9780201421880 List Price: $46.67
Economics of Underdevelopment: A Series of Articles and Papers by Agarwala, Amar N., Singh, S... ISBN: 9780195606744 List Price: $12.95
Income Generating School : Schemes for the Urban Poor by Hurley, Donnacadh ISBN: 9780855981020
Economics of Development by Gillis, Malcolm ISBN: 9780393962437
Prologue to National Development Planning by Gharajedaghi, Jamshid, Acko... ISBN: 9780313252853 List Price: $102.95
Promoting Third-World Development and Food Security by Tweeten, Luther G., McClell... ISBN: 9780275958152 List Price: $115.00
Patterns of Development Resources, Policy and Economic Growth by Auty, Richard ISBN: 9780340595022 List Price: $68.00
Rural Livelihoods and Diversity in Developing Countries by Ellis, Frank ISBN: 9780198296966 List Price: $60.00
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