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Time Tradition and Society in Greek Archaeology by Spencer, Nigel ISBN: 9780415513463
Palaeolithic Pebble Industries in Europe by Tieu, Luu T. ISBN: 9789630555739 List Price: $28.00
Before Ontario : The Archaeology of a Province by Munson, Marit K., Jamieson,... ISBN: 9780773542075 List Price: $100.00
Before Ontario : The Archaeology of a Province by Munson, Marit K., Jamieson,... ISBN: 9780773542082 List Price: $39.95
Archaeology Experiences Spirituality? by Gheorghiu, Drago�� ISBN: 9781443833684
Written on Stone: The Cultural History of British Prehistoric Monuments by Joanne Parker ISBN: 9781443813389 List Price: $58.99
West African Archaeology : New Developments, New perspectives by Allsworth-Jones, Philip ISBN: 9781407307084
Recorriendo la Memoria by Sanchez, Jaime Almansa ISBN: 9781407307121
Archaic Greek Culture: History, Archaeology, Art and Museology (BAR International) by Sergey Solovyov ISBN: 9781407305523 List Price: $132.50
Final Analysis of Weights from Port Royal, Jamaica by Smith, C. Wayne ISBN: 9780860549147
Mesolithic Forest Hunters in Ukrainian Polessye by Zalizniak, L. L. ISBN: 9780860548508
Costa Norte de Michoac�n en la Epoca Prehisp�nica by Novella, Robert, Mart�nez G... ISBN: 9781841714509
Studies in the History of the Roman Province of Arabia by MacAdam, Henry Innes ISBN: 9780860543794
Fenland Project Number 4 : The Wissey Embayment and the Fen Causeway, Norfolk by Silvester, R. J., Davies, J... ISBN: 9780905594040
Catalogo delle Lucerne di Tolemaide by Fabbricotti, Emanuela ISBN: 9781841711829
Industries Lithiques Aurignaciennes de l'Abri Pataud, Dordogne, France by de Hallam, Les fouilles, Mo... ISBN: 9781841718309
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